HeftyF and LNT

The Hefty-F is an all-chore power tractor with a 27 h.p., water-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder, gasoline engine with dicsel option. A selective sliding gear transmission operates six speeds forward and one reverse for a maximum traveling speed of 8.5 mph forward. It has a live power take-off shaft at the rear of the tractor, a ground clearance of I9i/> inches, weighs 2,200 pounds and has a 12-volt starter and generator and four sealed-beam headlights. Sharing the same specifications, the Hefty LNT incorporates the same components into a compact design for narrow nursery work. Its 38-inch overall tractor width is adjustable to 56 inches. An optional creeper gear unit is available to reduce ground speed to as low as %0 mph for transplanting and for extra slow ground speed work. Optional implements include a 60-inch, midmount rotary

The Hefty-LNT Diana Branch

The Hefty-LNT Diana Branch

tractors mower, from-«iid louder, front-mounted snow-blower, and all attachments accommodated by category I, three-point hitches. Examples include chisel plows, one- and two-bottom plows, disc harrows, six-inch blades, one-row cultivators, field cultivators, 60-inch rotary tillers and a 60-tneh rotary broom.

Heftv Tractor Co. P.O.Box 188 Juneau, W1 53039

CPI Model AY

Custom Products makes a 14 h.p. tractor with a four-cycie, air-cooled, manual start engine. It comes with four forward and one reverse speed and has a steel channel frame with 60-inch wheel-base and I4i/a inches of ground clearance. As optional equipment, the Model AY is available with head and tail lights, a hydraulic power take-off system with three-point hitch which operates the lift and all other tools requiring power. Accessories include a 50-inch rotary mower, snowblower, 54-inch rear leveling blade, a 44-inch, 16-bladed, double-disc harrow, six-

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