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Farm Pond Harvest Bluegill Feeder

This feeder utilizes both floating and sinking iisli feeds, A floating ring contains floating feed, .nut a plastic feeding uav suspended under this ikutiug tin» holds the sinking feed. This uav prevents the sinking feed from falling to the bottom of if 10 pond. Bluegtll may teach bass to rat from the feeder, helping with the harvest of bass, This feeder and feed are available from your locat Putin» dealer. If they do not have feeders contact:

[•'arm Pond Harvest P.O. Box AA Momence. fl. 6t>954


Another type of feeder is the bug liglu, a device which attracts insects by fluorescent lighting. A fan pulls bugs into the water, or a blade cripples their wings, causing them to fall into the water. But depending upon your location, bug lights are often effective only during summer months when insects are prevalent.



This model is an adaptation of the yard bug light; it's an ultraviolet light which attracts insects and is equipped with a fan to blow them down into tfie water. The shell is made of fiberglass, and the black light is a 32-watt circular fluorescent tube connected to a small electric motor with a fan blade. The only maintenance needed is occasional cleaning and, possibly, replacement of the light bulb. Operating costs (in 1977) are less than 10 cents per day.

Witt-o'-lhv-Wnp Rug Light

Mr(ltliii<l- of Medfimi, Lin

Witt-o'-lhv-Wnp Rug Light

Mr(ltliii<l- of Medfimi, Lin liedlunds of Medford, Inc. P.O. Box 305 Medford, VV1 rH 151

Bug-Eater and Security Light

This model is controlled by a photo cell which turns it on at dusk atid off at dawn. It is easily plugged into any standard 110-volt outlet, and a direct current operating unit will permit operation where alternating current is not available. A specially designed wire blade rotates rapidly and cripples insects attracted to the light, scattering them into the water below. The unit causes no insect buildup or odor, and operating costs are lew. than 1 cent per day (in 1977).

Southeast Equipment Co. P.O. BON 6 Enigma, OA 31749

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