The Howard Rotovator Company specializes in heavier commercial tillers, both walking and tractor-drawn models. They call them rotova-tors. The larger hand-controlled Gem model is available in varying widths of 20, 24, or 30 inches. A smaller unit, the 350, comes in 16- and 23-inch widths. The transmission on the Gem has three forward and one safety reverse speed with a maximum forward speed of 2.32 mph. Each model is equipped with double wheels for added traction and a depth control wheel ad justable to 9 inches. The optional attachments and accessories include a furrowing attachment and pickline rotor.

E. C. Geiger Rt. 63, Box 285 Harleysville, PA 19438

Howard Rotovator Co. Box 100

Harvard, IL 60033

Images Howard Bantam Rotovator

Howard rotovators are distributed throughout the world: Australia, East Africa, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Howard Gem
The Roto-Hoe Roto-Hoe Co.

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