Insects An Ontapped Resource

by Andy Merkowsky

Insects are a natural resource man has yet to utilize to full potential. For most people, bugs are bothersome pests, but viewed differently, they are an excellent source of protein. The protein content of insects is high; some contain more than 60-percent protein. They live almost everywhere and have tremendous reproductive ability.

The squeamishness of most Western societies prohibits human consumption of insects. A more easily accepted method of utilizing insects is to recycle them through other animals. They can be incorporated into pelleted fish feeds or dropped directly into the pond with the aid of a bug light suspended over the pond. Fish congregate under these traps to feed. The high protein content of the

Suspending an easily constructed insect trap over a pond transforms insect pests into fish food.

insects makes for better growtlt rates in the fish, and as an added benefit, the fish will be easier to catch because they are congregated in one area.

Several types of insect traps have been developed, and companies are now marketing them. Although commercial traps work well, they are very expensive. Homemade traps are cheaper to build and work about as well as commercial models.

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