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It i tigers

Kapas (Email) Ridger

The beam, moidfxiards, and Itaudles of this ridging plow arc made from steel. The mold-hoards tan he fitted with extension pieces to increase the working width. Weight: 14 kilograms.

Cossnl & Co. Pvt., Ltd. Industrial Area. Fa/algunj Kanput, India

Emcot S30B Ridger

This all'inetal ridging plow is fitted with tnoldboards which are adjustable for widths of tVS to 100 centimeters or, if the moldboard tailpieces are removed, widtfis of 51 to 74 centimeters.

The body is designed to form a wide-based, rounded-top ridge. The implement is generally pulled by two oxen. Weight: 49 kilograms.

John Holt, Agricultural Engineers, Ltd. P.O. Box 352 Zaria, Nigeria

ITDG Plans for IDC Emcot Weeding Attachment

The weeding attachment designed at the Industrial Development Centre in Zaria for use

Thr Casstll Emcot Ridger Cussul & Co.

with the Emcot ridger and one or two oxen consists of a frame which is attached to the Emcot beam and carries two weeding lines, set in front of the Emcot moldboaids. The tool standards can be adjusted for height and widtlt according to the row spacing. The weeding knives run close to the plants and dig deep enough to cut down the sides of the ridges. The sides of the ridges are remade by the ridger body following behind. Modifications to the frame were made to simplify manufacture without affecting the functioning of the attachment. Four examples of the modified attachment were commissioned front a local blacksmith and tested by Daudawa Settlement farmers dining 1973. The weeding performance was good where the farmers had made uniformly spaced, parallel ridges.

.1/1 [■.meat Hidgcr I'low made by blacksmith Mah'.ri Ibrahim ¡\lusa of Ftmtva, Nigeria.

tUC Emcot Weeding Attachment tUC Emcot Weeding Attachment

The Emcot ridger with weeding attachment was easy to control if the Emcot depth wheel was used, but Daudawa farmers do not normally use the wheel and were adamant in their refusal to use it during the trials. Without the wheel, the front of the Emcot beam tended to swing from side to side and the weeding tines swung with it, causing crop damage. I bis damage was reduced in a modification where the tines were set further back on the implement, but this was still not as satisfactory as using the wheel.

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