International Sources Of Burr Mills

Dandekar Mills

Dandekar offers four vertical grinding mills employing 12- to 18-inch natural kurund stones for dry milling. The motor requirements range from 5 to 8 h.p. for capacities of 200 to 350 pounds per hour.

Dandekar Brothers Sangli, Maharashtra India

CeCoCo Hand Grinder Type D

This model is made of metal, with easily adjustable burr plates for fine or coarse grinding.

CeCoCo Hand Grinder Type D

It is adaptable for grinding flour from all kinds of grain and other materials such as rice, buckwheat, soybeans, and even fried fish! It has a grinding capacity of from 5 to 50 kilograms per hour, a hopper capacity of 10 kilograms, and a gross weight of 40 kilograms,


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

Diamant Domestic Mill

As with all burr mills, the Diamant is suitable for grinding any kind of grain, coffee, spice, or sugar, in wet or dry form. It is easily dismantled for cleaning without special tools and comes with a selection of plates for milling different materials. By hand, its output for grinding grains is approximately 70 kilograms per hour. The handle is mounted on a large flywheel to

ease operation. A groove in the flywheel supplies the option of operating this mill with a V-belt connection to an electric motor. The features of the Diamant mill typify the different features available on most hand mills.

A.B.C. Hanson Company A/S Hauchsvej 14

DK.-1825 Copenhagen V, Denmark

1N-TEC Equipment Co. Box 123., D.V. Station Dayton, OH 45406

Dunia Hand-Operated Grinding Mill

This small, hand-operated plate mill is constructed of all-welded steel and has been designed in Africa for grinding maize, wheat, coffee, and other foodstuffs. The front cover can be removed for cleaning and inspection by unscrewing three wingnuts.

Ndume Products, Ltd. P.O. Box 62 Gilgil, Kenya

Gaubert Mini-Grinder

This French mill is designed for crushing wheat, barley, corn, millet, and coffee. It mounts on a table or workbench with two screws and has a 350-millimeter diameter wheel with a handle for manual operation; the flat wheel rim will accommodate a belt drive to a small electric motor. This mill has interchangeable 90-millimeter grinding wheels made of cast iron. An adjustment screw varies »!;e separation between the wheels to provide foj coarse or fine grinding.

Gaubert Senior and Junior 170 Mills

The Senior 170, a standing mill, offers an hourly production of 150 to 400 kilograms, depending on the fineness of the grind. It operates at a speed of 450 rpm, and contains 300-millimeter emery stones. The bearings are fitted with interchangeable self-lubricating bronze rings. Options for this model include a 3 h.p., 1,500 rpm electric motor or bearing, and a mounting for tractor drive. A smaller model, the junior 170, with a reduced hourly production, is also available.

Gaiibert Senior Mill Ets. A. Gaubert
Trator Utus
Gaubert Junior 170 Ets. A. Gaubert

Ets, A. Gaubert 16700 Ruffec

23 Rue Gambetta 23, France

Atlas Hand Grinding Mill

The Atlas Grinding Mill is suitable for grinding all types of dry grains, rice, coffee, spices, and some industrial products. It is made of cast iron and will grind from 7 to 9 kilograms

The Atlas Grinding Mill

Atlas Grinding Mill R. Hutu per hour, depending on the fineness of the sample required and the speed at which the handle is turned. It is suggested that if a very fine sample is required, the meal be first ground coarsely and then ground again with the grinding plates at their closest setting.

Manufactured by:

R. HuntS: Co., Ltd. Atlas Works, Earls Cblne Colchester, Essex C06 2EP, U.K.

Distributed by:

Self-Sufficiency & Small-Holdings Supplies The Old Palace, Priory Road, Wells Somerset, BA5 1SY, U.K.

Superb Mill

The Superb burr mill is suitable for grinding all types of cereals. Its 270-millimeter plates are powered by a 5 h.p. motor for an output ranging from 230 to 270 kilograms per hour.

E.H. Ben tali 8: Co., Ltd. Maldon CM9 7NVV Essex, U.K.

Amuda Domestic Mill

Designed to be driven by a y>> h.p. motor, the Amuda Domestic Mill can grind all cereals finely at a rate of 18 kilograms per hour and kibble at a rate of 50 kilograms per hour.

Amuda Flat Plate Mill Number 1

A spring mechanism allows the plates to open and avoid damage if any hard substance enters this burr mill. It is designed for grinding all cereals, beans, spices, cocoa, colfee, and wet or dry corn. The rate of feeding the material to be ground into the milling chamber can be adjusted by regulating the shaker feed mechanism.

Both the Amuda mills are available from: Rajan Trading Co. P.O. Box 250 Madras 000 001, India

Diamant Vertical Mill

The Diamant Vertical mill employs stones of special composition available in 300-, 400- and 500-nullimeter diameters for grinding dry cereals. A continuous feed flow from the hopper provides constant grinding. Diamant mills can be operated with motors ranging from 2 to 10 h.p. for outputs from 100 to 650 kilograms per hour. Another model, with steel-burr plates, has an output of 300 kilograms per hour with a 5 h.p. motor and 1,100 kilograms per hour with a 15 h.p. motor.

A.B.C. Hansen Comp. A/S Hauchsvej 14

DK—1825 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Moderne Mill

The Moderne Mill has an agitator feed from a 35-liter capacity hopper into its 300-millimeter diameter grinding wheels. It has a screw adjustment for fineness of grinding. Its output ranges from 200 to 300 kilograms per hour when powered by a 4 to 5 h.p. motor. (See photo on page 339.)

Rt'tison Ft Cat1 B.P. 14

Type S Oreal Breaker

The Type S Cereal Breaker is suitable for crushing maize, rice, barley, beans, ami poultry or tattle feed. It can be turned by hand or by a i ;, h.p. motor for a capacity of 40 to 60 kilograms per hour.

CeCoCo Feed Grinder

The Feed Grinder is an ideal machine for grinding corn, oats, soybeans, green peas, and wheat, and also for coarsely crushing fish meal and shells. Grinding plates are adjustable for either coarse or fine grinding. The double-faced grinding plates are reversible and interchangeable.


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pret. 567, Japan

R2 Grinding Mill

This model's 210-millimeter diameter, vertical millstones powered by a 2 h.p. motor provide an output of fine grist at 110 kilograms per hour for wheat, 80 kilograms per hour for barley, and 90 kilograms per hour for oats.

Irtiswerke Dusslingen

7401 Dusslingen

Post fa ch 128, West Germany

CeCoCo Multipurpose Grinder Model FG-61

The Star brand FG-61 feed grinder is designed to meet almost every grinding requirement. It will uniformly grind all types of dry grain such as wheat, oats, and barley, as well as peas and shelled corn, to any desired grist. The adjustable grinding plates are reversible and interchangeable. Two to four h.p. are required to operate at a capacity of from 8 to 13 pounds per hour. The unit weighs 132 pounds.


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka, Pref. 567, Japan

Roller Mills

The ruggedness of a roller mill makes it the most expensive to purchase of the three types available. Grain is mashed between two serrated rollers which operate with the same action as a clothes wringer, so that the teeth on one roller fit the spate between the teeth on the other. One roller is usually fixed and the other can be moved to adjust the clearance between the two.

Roller Mills For Grain
Roller Mill

Roller mills are inexpensive to run and have a high capacity per horsepower because they reduce particles less than other mills. This mill's low power requirement does not provide it with the power to start with even a few kernels between the rollers—ii must be completely clean to work. Its function in preparing animal feed is merely to break the hard, outer seed coat of a grain to make digestion easier and more complete. This process provides an important advantage over hammer mills, in that it keeps the percentage of fines (small particles, powder, and dust) to a minimum, producing less waste.

Grain can be hulled, cracked, crushed, or ground with a roller mill; the better models are even capable of producing a fine flour. Special crushing rollers will handle any kind of grain, wet or dry, and can be used to chop green corn and barley for making silage.

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    Every family in the Rift Valley regeon of kenya had the Atlas Hand Grinding Mill which have falen into disuse owing to lack of spares such as the chilled plates,the ball roller ,the wheel,the adjusting screw etc .People are willing to repair and use them if these spairs are available and purchase new ones if available.The manufacturer or suplier of these grinders can contact me through the above address on prices ,payment and delivery modes and any other information necessary
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