International sources of mowers

Bucher M600

The Bucher M6O0 walking mower has a 10 hp., gasoline engine and a three-speed and reverse gearbox, it can be supplied with a wimtrowmg attachment, trailer, and extra-wide wheels for stability on slopes. Other models are also available.

Bucher-Geyer, Ltd. Engineering Works CH-8166 Niederweningen Zurich, Switzerland

Gebruder M 6

The M 6 walking mower has been designed for mowing in all types of terrain. It has a 6 h.p. engine with a two forward, two reverse speed gearbox. It is fitted with a fingerless cutter bar.

Gebruder Holder Masehinenfabrik 7418 Metzingen, Wurtt Postfach 66, West Germany

Bertolini Mowers

Bertolini offers a 7 h.p. pedestrian and 14

Agria Werke Gmbh 7108 CkmReciprocating Mower

Bertolini 14 h.p. Riding Mower Bertolini Macchinc Agricole h.p. riding mower. Both are suitable for cutting grass or grain crops.

Bertolini Macchine Agricole 42100 Reggio Emilia Via Guicciardi 7, Italy

Schanzlin Mini Mower

This is a two-wheel pedestrian reciprocating mower.

Schanzlin Maschinenfabrik Gmbh 7831 Weisweil Baden, West Germany

Freres SF8

This is a walking mower fitted with a 9 h.p, engine and a gearbox with four speeds forward and one reverse. Cutter bars of 1.10-, 1.27-, or 1.45-meter width are available. This mower may also be used to pull trailers and wheeled implements and to drive stationary machinery such as grinding mills.

Ets. Simon Freres BJP.47

50104 Cherbourg, France

In» Power Mower

This mower has a 7 h.p. engine and can be

Bertolini 14 h.p. Riding Mower Bertolini Macchinc Agricole supplied with cutter bars up to 1.40 meters wide, giving a work rate of 0.3 to 0.4 hectare per hour. A trailer, spraying, and pulling attachments are available for this two-wheeled power unit.

Iruswerke Dusslingen 7401 Dusslingen Postfach 128, West Germany


MF-130 motor mowers come with a 7 h.p. engine, two-speed and reverse gearbox. They are available with central or side-mounted cutter bar.

Macchine Agricole F.B. 36040 Sossano Vicenza, Italy

M.R. Mower-Tractor

The steering handles on this mower can be set for driving in either direction. One direction is used for mowing and the other for rotary cultivating and trailer work. It is available with either an 8 h.p. gasoline or a 10 h.p. diesel engine. A special gearbox gives three forward and one reverse speed in both mowing and cultivating directions. Single-purpose mowers are also available.

S.E.P. Fabric» Macdune Agricole Via Don Pasquinu Borglti 6 (2018 St. Marti no In Rio Reggio Emilia, Italy


The Swiss AEBI two-wheel mower has a four-stroke, 10 h.p. gasoline engine with two forward and one reverse speed. It is specially designed for mountainous terrain, has -10-, 58-, and 66-tnch cutting bars and a windrowing attachment which can be attached and removed without tools. (See walking tractor section for further details.) Various models are available.

Burgdorf, Switzerland

SSSil mm

The AEBI two-wheel mower.

AEBI and Co.


The Bouyer two-wheeled tractors have a lateral sickle mower mechanism with a mulch bar, but no windrowing attachment.

Bouyer B.P. 23

Tomblaine 54510, France

Moty Universal and Gigant

The Moty Universal two-wheel tractor has a finger and double-acting cutting bar, 80 to 140 centimeters in width. Their Gigant four-wheeled, wide-wheel base tractor will mow 5 feet at a time.

Moty Gigant

The Moty Gigant as a pedestrian mower with dual-

wheel traction.


The Moty Gigant as a pedestrian mower with dual-

wheel traction.


Moty Gigant

The Moty Gigant as a riding mower with four sets of dual wheels and a low center of gravity for serious work on hilts. Moty-Werk

Moty-Werk 8523 Frauental 62 Fernschreiber 3479 Steiermark, Austria

Hobby Modeb 8Ö-2T, Elite 2T, Elite 4T

The Hobby is an extremely lightweight unit with an 80-centimeter-wide blade, adjustable cutting height, and optional two- or four-

stroke motors. It is so lightweight, it is carried by the operator and simply lifted as mowing takes place. The larger Elite models have two wheels, one trailing the other. They are designed for smaller cutting jobs such as a small cereal plot would require.


31015 Conegliano S. Vendemiano (TV) Casella Postale 44, Italy

Alpina North America c/o Mr. H.J. Hutchinson Box 313, Trail

British Columbia, Vir 466, Canada

Agria Motor Mower 300

Powered by an air-cooled, two-stroke, 5 h.p. gasoline engine, the Agria 300 has a fingerless, 1,20-meter-wide cutter bar, adjustable handlebars, and one forward ant' reserve gear. Iron traction rings are available as wheel extensions for stability on steep slopes. A snowplow attachment is available also. Weight: 105 kilograms.

Agria-Werke Gmbh 7108 Moeckmuehl West Germany

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