International sources of potato harvesters

Tumili Diggers

Both single- and double-row harvesters are available. The single-row harvester is fitted with a V-drawbar for operation with a lift bar between the tractor lower limbs and PTO drive, combined pneumatic depth wheels, disc coulters (scalloped) with screw adjustment for depth, and 16- by 4-inch heavy-duty wheels.

Root Harvesters Ltd, Fengate

Peterborough PEI 5BD, U.K.

Hellas Potato Extractor

The Hellas harvester extracts potatoes from the ground without any injury or blockage and sifts soil away from the tubers as they are carried up an elevator. It works in sandy, rocky, hard, or soft soil. It measures 1.4 by 3 meters, weighs 400 kilograms, and will harvest a 1,000-meter plot in 20 minutes. It requires a 30 h.p. tractor to pull it.

Altermon S.A. 15 Messogion Str. Athens 609, Greece

Elli Deidone M Sp D

This model is a towed potato harvester with double-floating sieve. It handles one row at a time, unloads from the side, and is mounted by a three-point hitch. Power take-off from a tractor is by means of a carden shaft. The digging depth is adjustable. The vibrating parts are mounted or. sealed ball bearings. fi Deidone Macehine Agricole C.C.I.A.N. 59212, Casella Postale 7 Villafrimca Di Verona, Italy

Agromet 2610

This unit digs potatoes from two rows simultaneously┬╗ cleans them on the lath conveyors, and lays them down in a narrow strip running along its side. High-efficiency performance on level ground us well as on slopes recommends this machine for farmers who grow potatoes on medium and medium-lseavy soils.. It is equipped with a hydraulic system whiiV- steers its wheels, while a suspension frame prevents skidding on slopes and insures precise steering control. The construction element is a transversal conveyor with rubber-coated laths, belt, and side screen. Its working width is 125 centimeters; potato ridge spacing is 63 centimeters, and the working depth is up to 25 centimeters. The digger has an output of 5 hectares per hour and a power requirement of 14 h.p. The KEP-2 model is for light or medium soils, digs two rows at one time, and requires 25 h.p. or more to operate.

Agromet Motorimport Foreign Trade Enterprise Warszawa, Przemystowa, Poland

CeCoCo Potato Digger

This Potato Digger scoops up the buried potatoes with a digging blade. The mass of soil and potatoes is delivered to a traveling link elevator which is agitated up jtnd down to sift soil through the links, A two-row type, powered by the PTO pulley of a SO h.p. tractor, it has a capacity of 1.25 to 1.5 acres per hour and a working width of 1,240 millimeters.


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

Kert Digger-Aligner Model PR-71

Designed for potatoes and sugar beets, the digger-aligner fits all tractors with a three-point linkage and a minimum of 15 h.p. It consists of a sturdy frame carrying the sieves which are actuated from the power take-off through con-

Herl Digger-Aligner for Potatoes. Willem Hertecant
Point Hitch Potato Digger
Hert Digger-Aligner for Sugar Beets. Willem Hertecant

necting rods and link mechanisms. The unit handles easily on slopes of up to 18 percent. It digs and aligns two rows of potatoes at distances from 60 to 80 centimeters. A different set of sieves is necessary for sugar beets. Three rows of beets set at different distances will be dug and dropped together in one row.

W. Hertecant 9200 Kwatrecht Wetteren, Belgium

Champenois Potato Digger

The only design of its type seen as yet, this potato digger attaches to a tractor three-point hitch and power take-off shaft. A digging plate raises the potatoes from the ground and feeds them into a set of revolving tines. The tines flip the potatoes against a I-inch soft mesh netting;

Champenois Potato Digger. Champenois

the small stones and soil pass through, and potatoes drop in a line along the soil surface.

Champenois ChamouiUey 52170 Chevillon, France

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