International Sources Of Power Threshers

Labour-Ear Thresher

The Labour-Ear thresher for single plants is unique in that it has a clear plastic side so the threshing and cleaning process can be observed. A hinged gate at the bottom of the cylinder keeps the material in the cylinder until threshing is completed. Chaff removal is by a suction fan with cleaned samples collected at an envelope chute. The unit is electrically powered and has variable speed pulleys for changing the cylinder speed. The thresher is claimed to be capable of threshing cereals, grasses, clover, and legumes.

F. Walter & H. W'ntersteiger K.G. 4910 Reid im Innkreiss Frosch allgasse 19, Postfacii 124 Dimmelstrasse, Austria

2 TD Thresher

The 2 TD thresher has two threshing cylin

Vogel-type Plot Thresher International Rice Research Institute

ders with adjustable concaves. The first cylinder does most of the threshing, while a second cylinder operates at a higher speed to shake and transport the straw during threshing. Cleaning is done by air currents. Straw and chaff are blown out at the top of a cyclone separator and the grain is collected at the bottom. The auxiliary air current necessary to blow the straw out of the top of the cyclone is shut off after each sample is threshed to drop any material held in the airstream. The thresher is powered by a 7 h.p. gasoline or electric motor.

Saat Und Erntetechnik 3440 Eschwege Postfach 748, Germany

Garvie 14-inch Portable Thresher

This 14-inch-wide portable thresher is available with either a spike-tooth or rubber rub bar cylinder, and has a straw shaker and two clean ing sieves with an air fan. The machine is self-cleaning and can be inspected while it is running. It is powered by a 3 h.p. engine.

Cleaner Production Germany
A typical Japanese thresher, simitar to the treadle designs. This one is powered by a gasoline engine for a higher production capacity. Agriculture Canada

Garvie Bench Threshers

Garvie bench threshers are available in 10-or 14-inch widths, with spike-tooth or rasp bar beaters and a variety of cleaning apparatus including a winnower, a cleaner (with up to three sieves or with a riddle case), and a fan.

R.G. Garvie & Sons 2 Canal Rd. Aberdeen, Scotland

CeCoCo Portable Thresher

This is a lightweight, portable, and economical thresher suitable for small-scale rice and wheat growers. The all-metal construction unit is equipped with a 1.5 h.p. gasoline engine. It delivers unbroken grain at a capacity of 180 kilograms per hour.

CeCoCo Self-feeding Power Thresher

The CeCoCo Self-feeding Thresher is made for the purpose of threshing rice or wheat which is reaped as full stalks, gathered, and bound in sheaves. Paddy stalks to be threshed are placed on a feed table attached to the machine and are inserted continuously by hand in small quantities into the feeding end of the rotating chain. Inserted paddy straws are threshed while being shifted by the moving chain under the rotating threshing drum.


Capacity in Power _____Net Gross Shipping

Type paddy/hour Required Rice Wheat Height Width Length Weight Weight Measurement

No. 1 500-1,000 kg 34 h.p. 570 670 1,380 1,010 1,350 150 kg 295 kg 60cu.ft.

No. 2 400- 800 kg 3-4 h.p. 570 670 1,380 922 1,350 115 kg 255 kg 57 cu. ft.

No. 3 300- 600 kg 2-3 h.p. 570 670 1,374 842 1,350 90 kg 220 kg 54 cu. ft.


Capacity m Power ___ Net Gross Shipping

Type paddy/hour Required Rice Wheat Height Width Length Weight Weight Measurement

No. 1 300-1,000 kg 3-5 h.p. 720 750 1,046 1,070 1,287 144 kg 260 kg 60 cu. ft.

No. 2 approx. 350 kg #-2 h.p. 530 630 1,090 875 1,370 80 kg 115 kg 35 cu. ft.

No. 3 approx. 450 kg Vj-2h.p. 530 630 1,090 950 1,370 95 kg 130 kg 38cu.ft.

No. 4 apprcx. 500 kg 1-2 h.p. 530 630 1,090 1,000 1,370 100 kg 140 kg 40cu.ft.

CeCoCo Power Thresher No. 1 Double Drum, No. 2, 3, and 4 Single Drum

These units are for long- or short-cut stems of rice, wheat, sunflower seed, and sorghum. The crops are fed by hand into the threshing chamber and a perfectly cleaned grain exits from the outlet on the side of the conveyor-elevator after being completely threshed. The machine is equipped with winnower, conveyor, thrower, and speed adjuster which controls the air velocity.

CeCoCo Universal

CeCoCo Universal Power Thresher Type T25H is capable of threshing various kinds of beans, pulses, rice, sunflower seed, and wheat by replacing the screen and V-belt between the pulleys of the threshing drum and winnower. Separation is adjustable and no winnowing is necessary. Second separation of grain and stalks scattered at the second outlet is also possible; therefore, complete separation can be made without waste. The interchangeable screen can easily

CeCoCo Universal Power Thresher Rob Johnston

be replaced according to the size of grain in order to prevent breakage.



Capacity per hour

Power Required Rpm

Shipping Mea-

Size of Dimension Size of Net Gross sure-Screen in mm Drum Weight Weight mem nee

500 kg

T25H wheat 500 kg

550-600 650-700

750 X 595mm



CeCoCo Bean Thresher

The CeCoCo bean thresher is made for threshing various beans and seeds of full length or short stalks. The materials are fed into the threshing chamber and threshed by a threshing drum with raultiteeth. Only the pure and complete beans or seeds are carried by the screw conveyor to the vertical screw elevator, and then outside through the oudet of the elevator. Screens are easily interchangeable.






Shipping Measurement


per hour



Height Weight Length Weight



30 ares in soybean

2-3 h.p.


1,010 860 1,010 110 kg

160 kg

50 cu. ft.

CeCoCo Peanut Thresher

This machine will thresh peanuts from peanut plants harvested with vines. Care should be taken to give proper speed of revolution to the machine. If it is too fast, it will damage not only the husks but also the kernels. If it is too slow, it will mix stalks, because imperfect separation will retard the threshing efficiency.


Dimension in mm







per hour



Height Width Length




No. 1

0.37 acre

2 h.p.


1,400 1,000 1,260

150 kg

280 kg

80 cu. ft.

No. 2 0.25 acre 1 h.p. 350 1,380 830 1,230 115 kg 200 kg 65 cu. ft.

No. 2 0.25 acre 1 h.p. 350 1,380 830 1,230 115 kg 200 kg 65 cu. ft.

The above threshers are manufactured by: CeCoCo

P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

Porta-fast Grain Thresher

This is a mini-size portable thresher for easy transport for in-field operation. With a built-in winnower and 5 h.p. gasoline motor, it has a capacity of 12 to 20 CAV per hour and 15 to 25 CAV per hour with an 8 h.p. motor.

Jamandre Industries, Inc. 88 Rizal St.

Iloiio City 5901, Philippines

Small-Capacity Motor-Driven Thresher Model TDG-400

Designed mainly for threshing rice and wheat, this machine adapts well to wet threshing work. The machine consists primarily of a main drum, auxiliary drum, feed chain, sieves, grain conveyor, winnowing fan, and a 5,4 h.p. electric motor. It can thresh 600 to 1,000 kilograms of rice or 350 to 750 kilograms of wheat per hour. It weighs 164 kilograms and measures 180 by 1,392 by 1,150 millimeters.

China Agricultural Machinery Import and Export Corp. Tientsin Branch 14, Chang Teh Road Tientsin, China

Thresher Models D710S, D610S, and D510S The differences in Iseki's three models stem from the three different cylinder widths: 500, 400, and 355 millimeters, respectively. Its power requirements range from 0.7 to 4.5 h.p. for an output capacity ranging from 10 io 30 ares (one are= y20 acre) per hour.

Iseki Agricultural Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. 2-1-3 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku Tokyo 13, Japan

Horse Drawn Thresher
Iseki Power Thresher Agriculture Canada

Bel-501) Thresher

This unit was specially designed for stationary threshing and for cleaning corn and beans. It requires a 5 to 7 h.p. electric motor, or it can be run from a tractor's PTO. It will produce from 6,614 to 7,937 pounds per hour, tractor- or horse-drawn.

Laredo Cereal Thresher Model Bel-500 Laredo

Laredo S.A.

Rua 1 de Agosto, 11-67-17.100 Bauru (SP) Brazil


This unit threshes grains while separating leaves and roots from the grain with the powerful blower. It can be used with damp crops, weighs 120 kilograms, and measures 68 by 45 by 39 inches. It has an output of 1,000 kilograms per hour using a 5 to 6 h.p. motor.

Tien Chien Enterprises Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 20-18 Taichung Taiwan R.O.C.

Tien Chien Thresher Tien Chien Enterprises

Agrima Rice Thresher Model TAP-20

This is a 3 h.p., gasoline engine tLresher adapted from a treadle unit. It measures 55 by 120 by 68 centimeters and weighs 69 kilograms.

China Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd. 17 Nanking Road, East, 1st Sec. Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

Midget II Thresher

The Midget MKII is comprised of a basic

Akshat Thresher
Alvan Blanch Midget U Alvan Blanch Development Co.

rasp bar drum and concave, feed shute, and discharge cowl, and a collecting tray with a canvas shield. It requires 3 h.p. and can be driven by a gasoline or electric engine or tractor PTO. L weighs £80 pounds, measures 1 foot 11 inches oy 4 feet 8 inches by 6 feet 3 inches and puts out up la 1,500 kilograms per hour of rice. Its other suggested uses include wheat, barley, oats, beans, peas, sorghum, maize, and millet.

AI van Blanch Super Midget II A Ivan Blanch Development Co.

Super Midget II

Requiring 5 h.p., this unit will put out up to one ton of rice per hour. Other larger units arc-also available.

Alvan Blanch Development Co., Ltd. Chelworth, Malmesbury Wiltshire, SN16 9SG, England


AI van Blanch Super Midget II A Ivan Blanch Development Co.

Small-Size Automatic Thresher

This Indian thresher can be run by a 10 h.p. electric motor, 12 to 14 h.p. gasoline motor, or the PTO of a 14 to 20 h.p. tractor. Larger units are also available.

New Bharat Industries (Regd.) Industrial Area MOGA (Punjab) India

Power Wheat Threshes-Cum-Winnower

Fifteen h.p. is required to run this thresher with a 1.06-meter-wide drum for a capacity of 400 to 500 kilograms per hour.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006, Rajasthan, India

Photo Thresher Grain Mechanism
Akskat AK-58 Thresher American Spring and Pressing Works

Akshat AK-58 Thresher

The Akshat AK-58 consists of a threshing chamber, separator, dust-discharging device, and a grain-conveying and elevating mechanism. The thresh>r>g chamber contains a drum with fifty steei wire loops and a concave grill.

Stalks are held with both hands in a bunch, and the heads are inserted into the threshing chamber. The revolving drum combs out the grain, which falls through the grill into the winnowing chamber. Clean grain is raised by the elevator for bagging. The thresher requires 2 h.p. and can thresh 200 kilograms of rice per hour. Weight: 112 kilograms.

American Spring & Pressing Works Pvt., Ltd. P.O. Box 7602 Malad Bombay 400 064, India

Em bee Power Thresher

This all-steel thresher is fitted with a threshing cylinder, grain auger, and elevator. The crop bundle is held in both hands and the heads are threshed between the loops of the rotating cylinder and the concave screen. The grain is separated from the chaff by a blower. The unit requires a 2 to 3 h.p. motor to put out 60 to 120 kilograms per hour of rice, or 100 to 150 kilograms per hour of wheat. Martin Burn also offers a conventional model thresher in which the complete crop is fed into the machine rather than just the heads.

Martin Burn, Ltd. 12 Mission Row Calcutta I, India

Wheat Thresher

The Wheat Thresher is designed primarily for wheat, although it will handle other crops, it is equipped with a winnowing fan and fills bags automatically. It has an output capacity of ¿00 kilograms per hour with a 5 h.p. motor.

Union Forgings Sherpur, G.Y. Road Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Model 42 Thresher

This simple thresher has no cleaning mechanism. It has an output of Ts,300 to 1,600 kilo-

grains per hour of straw and grain and requires approximately 2 h.p. to drive the machine. Larger models with cleaning mechanisms are also available.

Ets Cimon Frer-es B.P. 47

50104 Cherbourg, France

ST-70 Thresher-Cum-Winnower

The ST-70 employs a rasp bar drum and concave to thresh rice, wheat, barley, beans, peas, maize, and other crops. It has an 18-inch drum which revolves at from 460 to 1,460 rpm for a wheat output of 1,500 to 2,000 kilograms per hour and a maize output of 3,000 to 4,000 kilograms per hour.

Vicon, Ltd.

M.idambai House, Lavelle Road Bangalore-1, India

Jeco Threshers

Available in small and large sizes.

Jeco Engineering Co. (Regd.) Near Shama Cinema, G.T. Road P.O. Box No. 46 Gujranwala, Pakistan

Vogel-type Paddy Thresher

Similar to the Allan Vogel thresher described earlier, this unit is designed to yield grain of seed quality by avoiding damage to the grain. Damage to the kernel limits its germination capabilities. This machine has a 500-milli-meter-wide drum, requires 10 h.p. to run, and produces 500 to 700 kilograms per hour.

Midget Rice Thresher

Similar to the Alvan Blanch Midget II thresher, this unit has a capacity of from 900 to 1,000 kilograms per hour. A 12 h.p. motor is required to run the 690-millimeter-wide drum.

A.P. Rodriguez Agro Industrial Machineries Bitas

Cabantuan City, Philippines

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