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Animal-Drawn Rice Transplanter Platform Plan»

This transplanter consists of a wooden platform pulled by a buffalo or a pair of bullocks over the mud of the paddy field when it's ready for transplanting. Four workers are seated cross-legged on the platform, holding the seedlings in their laps. Special recesses are provided on the platform for extra seedlings. Under the platform are attached eight wooden markers, and each worker transplants two of the rows marked in the mud. The workers do hot wade through mud and there is no back-breaking bending over. Transplanting is done in parallel rows, at least at twice the normal speed, as both hands are used simultaneously.

Intermediate Technology Publications, Ltd. 9 King St.

London WC2E 8HN, England

Tractor Drawn Onion Transplanter
Animal-drawn rice transplanter platform.

Rau-Kombi Semiautomatic Potato Planter

This is available as a two- or four-row unit, one operator per row, tractor-drawn implement. It has spring-loaded adjustable covering discs, with a 50-kilogram capacity per hopper. Optional features include a track eliminator, sand plates for driving lugs, a coulter in front of the planting share, and an insecticide applicator. Weight: two-row, 242 kilograms; four-row, 463 kilograms.

Rau-Kombi Planter

This unit is suitable for vegetables, beets, tobacco, onions, strawberries, forestry plantings, and others. The press rollers do not act above the neck but below, at the feeder roots, closing the soil as required. It will plant two, three, five, or seven rows; spacing of plants along the rows is adjustable.

Hassia-Rau-Vertriebsgesellschaft D 7315 Weilheim/Tech Johannes-Rau-Strasse, West Germany

Hassia Automatic Potato Planter

The Hassia potato planter Model GLO is available for planting two and three rows at one time, with row spacing adjustable from 62.5 to 75 centimeters.

A.J. Troster Landmaschinenfabrik 630g Butzbach, Oberhess Postfach 240, West Germany

Hassia Automatic Potato Planter. Haaia

Gruse Potato Planter

This planter has independent, front-mounted furrow openers that are adjustable for depth and float independently to facilitate an even planting depth. Two-row models will plant row widths of between 28 and 36 inches at a maximum speed of 5 mph. It is totally automatic.

RH Group Root Harvesters, Ltd.


Peterborough PEl 5BD, England

Nardi Transplanter

This model automatically opens the furrow, places the plant, and firms the soil around it. A synchronized valve on the frame is operated by the planting disc wheel which measures the required amount of water for each plant. On request, the transplanter can be supplied with a fertilizing unit for surface spreading or depositing at a depth of 4 to 6 centimeters below the surface. Transplanting depth is adjustable, and the distance between plants can be adjusted by changing the gears on the drive wheels, changing the diameter of the drive wheels, or by changing the number of pincers. The unit is attached by a three-point hitch and is available with a special attachment for planting in offset rows.

Nardi Macchine Agricole OtiO 17 Sekt Lama Perugia, Italy

Self-Propelled Tobacco Transplanter KC-6

Powered by a four-cycle, air-cooled, 2.3 h.p. engine, this two-wheeled walking transplanter plants all kinds of ridges and furrows—wide, narrow, high, or low—with tobacco plants at spacing intervals from 25 to 45 centimeters in circular or square holes. It can make sharp turns, so no additional turning space is needed. It requires a minimum labor input of ons or two people for planting at a rate of 3 to 4 acres per day. The transplanter is self-propelled, with two speeds forward and one reverse. It has automatic steering; it will plant either before or after mulching with a nylon sheet.

Circle Tekko Self-Propelled Tobacco Transplanter KC-6 Circle Tekfeo Co.

Beet Transplanter BTP-2

The BTP-2 is used with a 35 h.p. tractor with a three-point hitch to plant two furrows at one time at a rate of 1.5 to 2 hectares per day. Its operation utilizes four or five people. Row spacing is adjustable between 550 and 700 millimeters; the planting interval is set at 225 millimeters. Standard attachments include two seedling pot separators, one seedling collector set, 30 seedling boxes, and one set of tools. The BTP-2 uses a new feeding-planting mechanism which guarantees reliable planting and easy adjustment. It comes with a special attachment for planting high furrows. A four-row unit to be pulled behind a 60 h.p. tractor is also available.

Circle Tekko Beet Transplanter BTP-2 Circle Tekko Co.

Both of the above transplanters are available from:

Circle Tekko Co., Ltd. 194 Izumicho, Takikawa-City Hokkaido, Japan

Metamora Rice Planter MSP-2A

The MSP-2A plants rice seedlings that have developed from two to five true leaves. Seedlings may be raised in mats. A lever can be set for small (2 to 2.5 true leaves), medium (3 to 3.5) and large (4 to 5) seedlings, and also for the number of seedlings in each clump. The lever setting for planting intervals is adjustable in 1-centimeter steps between 12 and 21 centimeters. The seedling feeder is to the rear of the wheels, so that the operator has a good front view. Additional seedlings are set on two trays stacked on top, The trays can be reached from the operating position. Wheels are independently suspended so that the body is maintained in a horizontal position by operating the lever within easy reach. Two-wheel drive and a float for buoyancy assure easy travel across the paddy. Sharp turns can be made by operating side clutches which disengage one wheel as the other keeps moving. Seedlings are not injured by this planting. Planting depth can be varied by adjuring the float. The fourcycle, air-cooled, 3.5 h.p. engine operates the 83-kilogram unit at a capacity of i/2 acre per hour as the operator walks along behind. Planting two rows at one time, 30 centimeters apart in clumps of three to five seedlings each, yields a density of from 50 to 90 clumps per 3.3 square meters.

Metamora Tobacco Transplanter

The operator walks behind the machine, feeding the planting mechanism with seedlings less than 22 centimeters high while steering. It will plant tobacco, cabbage, and Chinese cabbage. Adjustments you can make include the distance between seedlings from 25 to 41 centimeters (10 stages), the height of the ridge from 0 to 40 centimeters, the distance between wheels, and the inclination of the chassis. The air-cooled, four-cycle, 2.5 to 3.5 h.p. gasoline engine powers two forward and one reverse speed for planting at a rate of 1 acre every 3 or 4 hours.

Metamora Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. 9-37 Nishi 2-Chome Okegawa, Saitama, Japan

Miztiho Suzue Rice-Transplanting Machine

The Mizuho plants two rows of either young or adult seedlings at a rate of approximately 21/2 acres per hour without damage to the plant. Spacing is adjustable between plants, but row width is set at 300 millimeter;. One person operates this gasoline-powered machine. A low center of gravity and the well-going straight faculty minimize the amount of attention the unit requires by the driver.


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

6- Harvesting Equipment

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