^ simple feeder will cut down on waste by preventing scattering.

^ simple feeder will cut down on waste by preventing scattering.

Materials Required



x 24" x 2|4" Pine 3/i" x 38" x 2i/t" Pine 3/4" x 21" x 214" Pine x 37" x 214" Pine

44" x 28" Aluminum or Plastic Screening

8" Strap Hinge

2"-#8 Wood Screws

Staples or Tacks

Marine Varnish




Floating Frame

Tray Bottom confined within a flouting wooden square. Stir-t'ace-fcedmg ftsh 'hoil* the water as they scramble for food: fish occupying different feeding niches are satisfied with food distributed at different depths on the screen. It is necessary to weight the screened frame with a brick to keep it submerged.

Marine varnish or paint on the frame prevents the wood from rotting, and placing chicken wire over the Routing frame keeps birds and other animals from stealing feed. Training fish to feed at one spot will allow you to watch them as they feed. Also, with fish congregated in one spot, harvesting procedures may he simplified.

l'letreat wooden frames with marine varnish before using wood screws in assembling the two frames. One frame will lie by 37 inches, the other 2! by 10 inches. The: larger frame has screening stretched beneath it, stapled or tacked in place. Use the strap hinge to join the two frames so that the smaller of the two is inside the larger.

For turbulent water, you may wish to make the floating bracket smaller so water currents don't can v feed outside the screen.

Huild-ll-Youriclf Feeder


A number of commercial feeders are available which automatically dispense feed at timed intervals, while others feed by demand.

E-Z Feed

The E-Z Feed is an automatic feeder with a time-controlled dispensing apparatus. Any type of dry food can he used, and the hopper will hold 40 to 50 pounds. This amount should be sufficient for 6 to H weeks for a I- to 2-acre pond. Suggested installation is over the deepest water up to but not exceeding a depth of 10 feet. Larger or smaller hoppers are available upon request. If no electricity is available at the pond

E-Z Feed Feeder E-Z Feed Co.

site. Feed offers a direct current model «quipped w ith 12-volt battery.

Mormvilk. NC 27560

Nielsen Model 5 0101

This is an automatic feeder with a 100-pe und capacity hopper which lias an adjustable gate to control food How. It is electrically powered by a 115-voIt, 60-cyde, alternating current motor which normally tlraws 3.6 amps. Adjustable mounting brackets are available tor installation. Feed dispersion patterns can easily be adjusted manually.

Nielsen Metal Industries <501 Portland Rd. NF. Salem, OR 97303

t'oirot Farm Industries

Tliis company murkets an automatic, floating, gravity-operated fish feeder which does not require electricity to operate. It is available with or without a Iloat, and in 100- and 200-pound hopper sizes. The unit is lightweight and can easily be moved to any section of the pond, as it does not require an electrical outlet.

Poirot Farm Industries Golden City, MO 6-17-W

Sweeney Enterprises, Int.

Automatic feeding systems are offered here with either 100- or 200-pound hopper capacities and adjustable feed dispersion patterns and flow rates. One model is a front-drop feeder (HF 1). All feeders are battery powered and equipped with a rechargeable dry battery and a DFT-1 Timer. Possible methods of installation include: standing the feeder on its short legs or purchasing extension legs, hanging it from cables and cross arms, or mounting it on a float.

Sweeney Enterprises, Inc. Rt. 2, Box B5G Boerne, TX 78006

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