ITDG Report on the Dahomey Emcot Weeding Attachment

A very cheap and simple attachment to the moldboards of a ridging plow, designed and used with success for weeding in the northwest

Close-up view of Dahomey moldboard, extensions on an Emcot Ridger Plata.

area of Dahomey, was constructed and tested. It was found to function well only in the sandiest fields in the Daudawa area. For the 1973 season, three pairs of Emcot moldboards with these weeding attachments were commissioned from a local blacksmith and sent for testing to Kafin Soli, an agricultural station 150 kilometers north of Daudawa. It was reported that the attachments worked well and seemed to be suitable for that soil type, which is sandier than that of Daudawa and similar to that of the northwest of Dahomey.

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