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Hand Crank Hopper Kit MucKay's Wood Products ing roller, and all the hardware you need, ready for assembly.

Portable Hand Crank Press

This press is of the oak stave barrel-type. The grinder is positioned directly over the press tub and is manually operated with a gear reduction crank. The press is hand cranked also. The

MacKay's Portable Hand Crank Press MacKav's Wood Products

unit is 18 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 35 inches high: Weight: 60 pounds.

Electric Press Models A223 and A203

Complete and readv to run, this nress is

- ' i supplied with either one or two oak drums. A t/i h.p, electric motor drives the grinder. The press is hand cranked. This press is 18 inches wide, 29 inches long, and 30 inches high. Weight: 100 pounds.

Commercial Press

This press replaces the stave press barrel with a 17-inch oak press rack. It lias a highspeed, six-knife t utter head in the grinder which is powered by a 1 h.p. electric motor. Thirty-inch, heavyweight, nylon cloths are provided to contain the fruit pulp during pressing. Pressing is done by a 3,000 pound hydraulic jack. Mode! C1K1 comes with six press cloths, seven oak racks and one oak cheese form. Model C2K.2

Mac Kay's Press MacKay's Wood Products
MacKay's Commercial Press MacKav's Wood Products

cornes with 12 press cloths, 13 oak racks and one chec-se ¡.onn.

The above four presses are manufactured by. Madvay's Wood Products 10th and Taylor Ave., P.O. Box 1023 Bellingham, WA 98225

Bell's Hand-Turned Crusher

This press has a finished hardwood hopper and sides with cast-iron cutter, side mounting plates, and a counterbalanced crank. A perforated screen allows apples and fruits to be ground to the proper size. The grinder will process approximately 90 pounds of apples per hour. The 24 by 13 by 13-inch grinder is easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Shipping weight: 38 pounds.

Bell's Fruit-Wine Press

This press is constructed of cast iron and white oak (a wood that is favored because it will not impart any undesirable taste to the juices.) It has a vertical-slat press tub and hand-operated press-screw. Shipping weight: 35 pounds.

Bell's Hand-Turned. Crusher C.S. Bell Co.

Bell's Fruit-Wine Press C.S. Bell Co.

Both presses are manufactured by: C. S. Bell Co. 170 W. Davis St., Box 291 Tiffin, OH 44883

Sears' Hand-Turned Fruit Crusher

This model comes with cast-iron crusher teeth, steel crusher screen, and oak hopper and sides. It holds one peck of apples and measures 24 by 91/2 by 13 inches.

Sears, Roebuck & Co. Farm and Ranch Catalog

Five-Quart Fruit Press

Of cast-iron and hardwood construction, this press has a capacity of approximately 5 quarts. It has a vertical-slat tub and hand-

operated press-screw. Shipping weight: 24 to 25 pounds.

Belknap, Inc. (distributor) P.O. Box 28 Louisville, KY 40201

Glen-Bel's Country Store ' Rt, 5, Box 390 Crossville, TN 38555

Sears, Roebuck & Co. Farm and Ranch Catalog

Cumberland's Fruit Crusher

For grapes, berries, cherries, and other soft fruits, excluding apples, this crusher has an oak frame and an 18i/i, by 18-inch hopper which holds 30 pounds of whole grapes. Its two stationary rollers are made of aluminum. Shipping weight: 25 pounds.

Fruit Crusher Cumberland General Store

Apple Crusher

The machined claw-cut teeth on this press work well to extract juice from all kinds of fruit, especially apples, which are difficult to grind. A selected hardwood 18i/2 by 17-inch wide hopper with a 45-pound capacity feeds a 32 by 161^-inch cast aluminum roller. The handle operates on a 17-inch diameter flywheel.

Apple Crusher Cumberland General Store

Cider Press

Constructed of red oak for purer juice and for strength, this press weighs approximately 90 pounds and can hold 250 pounds of crushed apples. Its cast-iron parts are machine finished and painted with acid-resisting enamel. The press stands 43 inches high, and tub size is 12 by 18 inches.


Cumberland also carries a fruit grinder kit and a cider press kit. Both kits contain plans, and all the hardware necessary for building. No lumber is included.

The above four presses are available from: Cumberland General Store Rt. 3, Box 479 Crossville, TN 38555

Day Equipment

Both electric and hand-operated presses are available from this company for use in roadside stands and small orchards. Gratters, press racks, cloths, labels, filters, pasteurizers, picking bags, cutters, and all the accessories needed for a small operation are also available.

Day Equipment Corp. 1402 E. Monroe Goshen, IN 46526

Hydraulic Cider Presses, Palmer-Style

These presses are specially suited to roadside stand and orchard use. A full line of accessories is available.

Orchard Equipment & Supply Co. Conway, MA 01341

Wine, Fruit, and Cider Press Plans

Plans for a wooden-framed, slat sided, oak, basket-style press with a hand-cranked pressscrew are included in a catalog from New Jersey. An electric drill and router are required to build the press, but no other special tools are needed. Instruction plans only are provided.

Dorsay Poor Man's Catalog 3 240 Kinderkamaca Rd. Oradelt, NJ 07649

Mearelli Presses

Mearelli offers a full line of hand-operated and electric fruit crushers, hydraulic, vertical-staved presses, and hammer mill-type electric crushers. Units range in size from models appropriate for the home and small farm to large commercial applications, with a full range of sizes in between. Mearelli also otters accessories for alt your wine-making needs, including wood kegs, wine pumps, and bottle corkers.

Manual Fruit Crusher

This manual crustier, available in either wood or iron, has roller supports and gears enclosed iu cast icon. Five si/es are available in iron, ranging in weight from L!8 to 45 pounds. Three si/es are available in wood, ranging from 30 to 39 pounds.

Iron Manual Crusher Mearelli S.P.A.

Motored Crusher

Two models of this powered (rusher are available, with either monophase 0.5 h.p. motor weighing 56 kilograms, or three-phase 0.5 h.p. motor weighing 59 kilograms.

AM Motored Crusher Mearelli S.P.A.

shelters are required to separate the kernels from the cobs before the cor« tan be ground inn, meal for people and for most other animals.

Several manufacturers produce small, hand-operated shelters which can be damped onto a board or the edge of a box or barrel. Larger shelters are turned by a handle, by pedals, or by belt drive from an engine or electric motor as required. Large power-driven maize shellers are often fitted with cleaning fans and screens to separate the grain from husks, dust, and spent cobs.

Hand Corn Shelter

Appropriate for shelling small amounts of a wide variety of corn, this hand shelter is especially desirable for shelling seed coin because it tloes not break off the germ ends of the kernels, h is similar to the sheller described in the following article.

Burrows Equipment Co. 13 Hi Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL 60204

Cumberland General Store Rt. 3, Box 479 Crossville, TN 38555

Nasco Agricultural Sciences

901 Janesville Ave.

Fort Atkinson, Wt 53538

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