Krishi NV 700 Power Tiller

This machine has a 7 h.p, diesel engine and a four forward, two reverse speed gearbox.

Krishni NV700 Power Tiller Krishni Engines, Ltd.

Attachments include fixed and reversible mold-board plows, cultivators, disc harrows, puddling equipment, and others.

Krishi Engines, Ltd. Sanatnagar. Hyderabad 18 AJ>. India

IB 5 Motor Cultivator

The single-cylinder, 15 h.p. diesel engine has four forward and two reverse speeds. Attachments include rotary cultivator, plow, centrifugal pump, high-pressure spraying pump, and trailer.

Fratelli Baraldi sji.c. 41010 Modena Via Viltanova, Italy

P.GjS. Diamante Tractor

Four-stroke gas or diesel engines of 7 to 10 h.p. are available with two forward and one reverse speed gearbox. Attachments include rotary cultivators, plows, ridgers, trailers, irrigation pump, spray pumps, and pulleys. Larger two-wheeled tractors are also available.

A range of one- and two-wheeled tractors from 5 to 14 h.p. with plowing, rotary cultivating, grading, mowing, pumping, spraying, and transport attachments are available.

Macchine Agricole F.B. 36040 Sossano Vicenza, Italy

Bertolini Two-Wheeled Tractors

: Diesel engines range from 8 to 21 h.p. Attachments include plows, rotary cultivators, trailers, .'rrigation pumps, and sprayer pumps.

Bertolini Macchine Agricole 42100 Reggio Emilia Via Gutcciardi 7, Italy

Goldoni Two-Wheeled Tractors

Gas- and diesel-engined models from 7 to 21 h.p. are available with plowing, cultivating, spraying, pumping, and transport attachments.

Goldoni S.p.A.

41012 Migliarina Di Caripi

Modena, Italy

CB 450 Tractor

Plowing, rotary cultivating, tined cultivating, and mowing attachments can be supplied for this tractor.


27 Rue D'Orléans

92200 Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France

Allen Mayfield Tractor

The Allen tractor can be used with a mowing attachment, with a tool bar carrying cultivating tines, hoe blades, or ridging bodies, with a single furrow moldboard plow, or for pulling a trailer. Seven or 8 h.p. engines and three speed or three speed and reverse gearboxes are available.

Allen Power Equipment, Ltd. The Broadway, Didcot Berkshire 0X118Es, U.K.

Super U 70 Tractor

The Super U 70 tractor is fitted with an 8 h.p. engine and a four forward, two reverse speed gearbox. Individual wheel clutches facilitate steering. Attachments available include a mower, plow, rotary cultivator, and trailer.

Gutbrod-Werke GmbH 6601 Bubingen, Saar Postfach 60, West Germany

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