Lister Big Claw Harrows

These flexible chain harrows can be rolled up and easily handled by one man, the sections being of 1.22 meter width. Various link types are available for use on arable land and grassland.

R.A. Lister Agricultural, Ltd. Dursley

Gloucestershire GLU 4 HS, U.K.


Safim Expandable Cultivators

Model S51 is adjustable from 24 inches (610 millimeters) to 42 inches (1,067 millimeters) wide. It is fitted with two reversible shares in front, two reversible moldboard hitters, a 10-inch (254 millimeter) sweep at the rear, and two spare shovels. Weight: 44 kilograms (97 pounds).

Abo available: Safim Mahon 5-tine expandable cultivator equipped with four 3-inch (76 millimeter) reversible points, two hillers and one 10-inch (250 millimeter) sweep. Weight: 44.5 i>lograms (98 pounds).

Massey-Ferguson (South Africa), Ltd. Steel Rd., P.O. Box 677 Vereeniging 1930, South Africa

Ox-Drawn Cultivator

Ubungo Farm Implements

Bar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Adjustable Cultivator or Horse Hoe

The five-tine cultivator is useful for preparing seedbeds after plowing.

Dani&hmand 8c Co. Karkhana Bazar Lyallpur. Pakistan

Occidental Hoe

This is an all-steel, ox-drawn hoe weighing 17 kilograms. It is fitted with a main beam and furrow wheel. A variety of hoe blades or cultivator tines can be clamped to the beam.

Siscoma BP 3214

Dakar. Senegal

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