To date, Magnatrac is the only smalt-scale full-track crawler we have seen. The enclosed and protected tracking system with side panels and center idler wheels features No. A550 chain welded to 10-gauge interlocking steel shoes with over 10,000 pounds of ultimate track strength, and dual track tension springs for approximately 5,000 pounds of tension maintained on each track. The all-gear transmission with four forward and one reverse speed shifts like an automobile. It is powered by a 16 h.p., valve-in-head, cool-running, cast-iron (or 12 h.p. standard) engine. It can utilize over 30 attachments includ ing the whole Brinly-Hardy line of farm and garden implements, both high- and low-lift loaders with either hydraulic or electric lift systems, a 42-inch snow and soil blade, a 42-inch snowblower, self-dumping bucket, 36-inch-wide manure fork, backhoe, and electric light kit.

Struck Corp. Struck Lane Cedarburg, W1 53012

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25 of Grandpas Top Tips

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