Mametora Return Culti

The Return-Culti is the largeĀ« of the many walking tillers Mametora produces. It is available with either a 4.5 or a 6.5 h.p., four-cycle, air-cooled, gasoline motor, both units operating with two forward speeds and one reverse speed; however, the larger model has three forward speeds for the rotary tiller. The front-mounted rotary tiller has the unusual feature of operating both in forward and reverse, hence the name Return-Culti. Handles are adjustable 180 degrees in all directions, and the unit's low center of gravity makes it safe for working on slopes. ItĀ» most suitable for operations in mulberry fields, orchards, tea plantations, and vege table gardens, and in addition to cultivation and weeding, can conduct various operations such as fertilizing, cutting stalks, and dislodging roots with a winch mechanism mounted on a frame. The Mametora power tiller Model HMD-25 is a 7 h.p. unit designed for plowing, rotary cultivation, side and middle furrowing, and paddy operations. Some of the more unusual attachments include a two-wheel carrier set for carrying compost and fertilizer, a special blade and cover for making trenches and a mulch dispenser for rolls of plastic. Weight: 97 kilograms without engine.

Above units manufactured by: Mametora Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. 9-37 Nishi, 2-chome Okegawa, Saitama, Japan

ISEKI Power Tillers

The Iseki Model KS500 is more than a tiller. Its four-cycle, air-cooled, 5 h.p. gasoline engine has six forward and two reverse speeds transmitting power through a gear-/chain-drive system. A few of its many attachments include puddling rotor and puddling rake, turn-wrest plow, ridger, power take-off pulley, auger-digger, as well as a rotary tiller. Another model, with the option of a two- or four-cycle, air-cooled gasoline engine weighs 180 pounds and operates a number of attachments also, including snow-handling and cultivating equipment. It has four forward and two reverse speeds; the main engine shaft is V-belt driven and the traveling section is driven by a gear-chain combination. The power take-off has two speeds.

Iseki Agricultural Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. 1-3 Nihonbashi, 2-chome, Chuo-ku ToHo, 103, Japan

Land Master lion

The Lion is available with either a 7 h.p., four-stroke engine or a 6 h.p., two-stroke engine. Two forward and one reverse speed. Attachments include moldboard reversible or nonreversible plow, ridger, rotary cultivator, hoe, puddler, seeder, potato lifter, water pump (27,000 liters per hour, 7.6 meter head), and a thresher for rice and barley with a capacity of 140 kph.

Land Master, Ltd. Sterte Rd.

WB Power Tiller Model WB1-A

Powered by a four-cycle, single-cylinder, 8 h.p., air-cooled gasoline engine, Model WB1-A is made of heavy steel pipe framing and steel parts adaptable to local (Philippine) conditions with economical maintenance costs. Another unit is available fitted with a 10 h.p. engine. Accessories include moldboard plow, spiral plow, adjustable peg-toothed harrow, paddling steel cage wheel for wet plowing, paddling steel wheel for dry plowing with or without hub adaptor, wheel weight, pneumatic rubber tires, and rotary hoe with 12 blattes. The company does export.

Warner Barnes Engineering A Division of Warner, Barnes and Co., Inc. 2900 Faraday Street cor, South Expressway Makatt. Rizal, Philippines

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