Maple Sugaring Equipment

Equipment for collecting and processing maple syrup is so very specialized that all the necessary implements can generally be obtained from the same source. For collecting, there are plugs, sap bags, collection tubs, and buckets. Evaporators and skimmers are used for processing, and for the small commercial venture, there is a need for molds, cans, bottles, and filters.

Instead of itemizing the tools and accessories available from the different companies, we recommend you send for their fully illustrated catalogs, Instruction books are available for the novice maple sugarer from these companies:

Rutland, VT 05701

Congo Coffee Grader John Gordon

Leader Evaporator Co., Inc.

25 Stowell St.

St. Albans, VT 05478

Small Brothers, Inc. P.O. Box 160

Dunham, Quebec JOE 1MO, Canada

Les Spécialités Techniques De Valcourt, Inc.

Valcourt, P.Q. JOE 210, Quebec, Canada

Down to a science: Half Clark and Fred Behringer of IVaterford, Connecticut, keep the wood stacked high a year ahead of time to dry, use it as a barrier against the weather, and have the system arranged with pulleys so that their sugaring project stays a one-man job.

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