Homemade Jab Planter

The Cumberland Plant Setter Cumbcrlami General Store

Cumberland Plant Setter

The Cumberland Plant Setter is a heavy

Cumberland Setters

tin tank with a chute grooved and soldered to assure sturdy construction. High-carbon steel shovels with large, curved flanges rake the earth over the roots. It sets, waters, and covers tomato, tobacco, pepper, cabbage, sweet potato, strawberry, and other slip plants in one operation. Shipping weight is 12 pounds, height is 30 inches, and the diameter of the funnel chute is 4i/a incites.

Cumberland General Store Rt. 3, Box 4?┬╗ Crossville┬╗ TN 38555


Hand Maize Planter

A single seed is placed in the soil automatically when the stick is inserted. It can be used with one hand and is suitable for small cultivation or experimental work. It weighs 0.5 pounds (0.2 kilograms).

Cossul & Co. Pvt., Ltd. Industrial Area, Fazalgunj Kanpur, India

There are five variations of a basic two-handled, hand-powered, spring-operated jab planter.

Marila Industria E. Comercio Saszaki, Ltd.

Avenida Brazil, 232

Caixa Postal No. 196

Marila CEP 17.5000

Estaclo cie Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hand-Operated Seed-Dressing Drum Plans

The object behind this drum was to build a seed-dressing device for village use, the design to be of fairly simple construction so that it could be made by local craftsmen.

The test drum used was an ordinary water tin of approximately 13 inches (330 millimeters) in diameter and 15 inches (382 millimeters) in height.

It was found that this drum had a capacity of 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) of Chalimbana groundnuts, 35 pounds (15.9 kilograms) of Dy-

beans or maize, and 38 pounds (17.2 kilograms) of fertilizer when filled correctly. In a durability test, a total of 11/2 tons of fertilizer was mixed without signs of damage. The drum was also used for seed dressing of groundnuts and maize with satisfactory coverage performance and no apparent adverse effect on germination.

Intermediate Technology Publications, Ltd.* 9 King St.

London WC2E 8HN. England


The simplest kind of broadcasting seeder, the Horn Seed Sower, consists of a reservoir which funnels seed into a long tube. The operator holds the tube, or horn, at the end closest to the reservoir, and with a skilled ilex of the wrist, seed is Aung out of the tube. It can be used to broadcast any seed to be grown in a solid stand and, in experienced hands, will result in a more even distribution of seed than would be achieved by hand alone.


Horn Sower

This device sows primarily smooth grass or grain by swinging its horn back and forth. This sower spreads seed evenly from 30 to 40 feet at a rate determined by the adjustable feed gate in the base or tube joint and by rate of step. It comes with an 11-inch duck bag and an extension funnel attached to a tin distributing tube 22 inches long, 1]4 inches at the base and % inch at the mouth. This sower has a capacity of 14 bushel and a shipping weight of 1 pound, 8 ounces,

Cumberland General Store Rt. 3, Box 479 Crossville, TN 38555

The Cyclone Seeder Co., Inc. Box 68

Urbana.IN 46990

* Intermediate Technology publications can be ordered from International Scholarly Book Service, Inc., Box 555, Forest Grove, Oregon 97116.

Horn Sower with canvas bag. Cumberland General Store

Horn Sower

This horn seed sower has a metal horn in three sections. It has an adjustable rate gauge and wire scatterer. The shoulder strap is also adjustable. It can be used for seeding grasses and small grains on any acreage. Its capacity is 1 peck.

Horn Sower

Cumberland General Slore

Horn Sower

Cumberland General Slore

Belknap, Inc. P.O. Box 28 Louisville, KY 40201

Cumberland Country Store

Cross vi lie, TN 38555

Glen-Bel's Country Store Rt. 5. Box 390 Crossviile, TN 38555

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Organic Gardeners Composting

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