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Mulching is an important technique employed by the organic farmer for maintaining weed control, retaining of soil moisture, and increasing the amount of organic matter or humus present, hence improving the soil's tilth. Specially adapted laivn mowers are good for chopping grasses and weeds for mulch on a small scale. But we know of only one source of equipment for applying mulch on a serious scale.


Rotary Mulching Mower

Manufactured by:

FMC Corp., Outdoor Power Equipment Div. 215 S. Park St.

Port Washington, WI 53074

Rotary Mulching Mower Conversion Plans

Plans for converting a lawn mower are available from:

Dor say Poor Man's Catalog .3 240 Kinderkamack Rd. Oradell, NJ 07649

Wayne Peters Rt 2

Rotary Mulching Mower Conversion Parts

Tlie parts needed to couvert a lawn mower are available from: Better Lite Enterprises, Inc. 1162 John St. Whiting, IN 46391

Friday Straw Spreader

Originally designed for strawberry culture, the Friday Straw Spreader has the potential of being an important tool for the organic farm.

Lack of mechanization for the mulch-spreading process has discouraged many organic farmers from utilizing mulch to its fullest potential. The 36 b) 100 inch straw spreader mounts on a trailer or wagon and is powered by a crank start, 18 h p., two-cycle engine (electric start optional). It can be adjusted to mulch on or between rows at a rate of about 1 acre pei hour, governed by tractor speed. A hydraulic drive option utilizing a tractor hydraulic system cr PTO pump can be provided. Shipping weight: 640 pounds.

Friday Tractor Co., Inc. Hartford, MI ■19057

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