North American Sources Of Burr Mills

C. S. Bell Number 2 Hand Model

For dry grinding only, the No. 2 Model Hand Grist Mill can grind all dry, smalt grains, shelled corn, beans, peas, coffee, and even dried bones. The cone burrs are easily adjusted for a fine or coarse grind. The mill is furnished with a counterbalanced crank to help ease operation and allow a capacity of approximately 25 pounds'

Grist Mill Hand Crank


per hour depending on the material being ground.

For thy grinding only, the No. (¡0 Model Power Mill is designed for grinding all small grains, shells, roots, bark, and salt. The unit is available with a set of coarse, line, ami extia fine grinding burrs to be operated by a I to 'I h.p. electric motor. A 3 h.p. motor is recommended for extra fine grinding. Depending upon the material being ground, the fineness of the grind, and the size of the motor, this mill has a capacity of 1.00 to 300 pounds per hour. Shipping weight: approximately 3- pounds.

Steel Burr Grist Mills

Hell No. 60 Power Mill CS. Bell Co.

La Milpa is a large, power grist mill which can handle wet or dry grinding of grain, soybeans, bananas, wheat, and tortillas at a rate of up to 1,100 pounds per hour. The 0-inch steel alloy burrs art: adjustable for coarse or fine grind iug and are led with a large feed worm for maximum capacity. A 5 h.p. motor is recom-

Bell B50 Grist Mill

mended lor hard-to-grind material to maintain high capacity; however, a 3 h.p. motor will do the job. Ready for shipment, the unit weighs 110 pounds without the motor.

The above three models are available from: C. S. Bell Co, P.O. Box 201 Tiffin, OH -HKK3

Speed King Cracker

Iihoipoiaiiuf» II- lo Hi-inch burrs powered by a ,r> to 10 h.p, motor lo yield a 2 to ,r> ton per hour capacity, the Speed King Cora Cracker cracks and grinds shelled corn, small gtains, and oilier grindahle granular products. Shipping weight: 150 pounds.

S»Cr usher

Slightly larger than the Speed King Cracker, the Speed King S-Crusher can be driven with a 5 to 20 h.p. motor to yield a capacity from 2 to 15 tons per hour. It is designed for grinding and ciacking ear corn and small grains, and for size reduction of other grindahle products.

Both these units are made of cast-iron components with adjustable burrs. The product is

Meadows Stone Burr Grain Mill
The Meadows 8-inch, Stone Burr Mill The Meadows Mill Company

cut rather than impact-ground, to eliminate undigestible particles.

Winona Attrition Mill Co. 1009 W. Fifth St. Winona, MN 55987

Meadows Household 8-inch .Stone-Burr Mill

Stone* housed in cast iron are machined male and female for a precision fit. This mill is available with a wooden base and receiving drawer or mounted on a steel stand for bottom discharge into a bag. Eight-inch diameter stones are made of natural granite. Dry, free-flowing, small grain enters the mill at an adjustable feed-ifoiv rate which requires no attendance.

Meadows Mill Co.

North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

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