North american sources of combine harvesters

K.E.M. Research Plot Combine Model SP 50

Available for about half the price of the smallest popular farm combines in the United States, the K.E M. Research Plot Combine has a large-capacity cylinder and a wide range of speeds making it possible to harvest a wide variety of crops. This self-propelled unit employs a 17.5 h.p. gasoline engine and a hydrostatic ground drive with infinite speeds forward or reverse from 0 to 6 mph. The threshing mechanism utilizes a 15-inch by 27-inch rasp bar cylinder and an air and shaker sieve after cutting a 54-inch swath. The header is comprised of a sickle bar cutter and guards, a power reel with delivery to the cylinder by a 27-inch wide conveyor belt, and hydraulic lift.

Much larger than K.E.M.'s SP 50, this research plot combine has a 53 h.p., gasoline,

Plot Combine
K.E.M. Research Plot Combine SP 50 K.E.M. Corp.

itnircyl aider, Volkswagen engine. It has a 12-inch ground clearance, weighs 0,800 pounds (shipping weight), and has overall dimensions of 20H by 75 by 118 inches. The hydrostatic ground drive lias two speeds for a traveling speed ranging between 0 and 12 mph, It comes with two adjustable sieves and a 27- by 80-inch straw rack. It can cut a width of 7 feet and has a 28-bushel-capacity grain tank. With grain and corn headers, it has multicrop versatility.

SP 4000 Combine K.E.M. Corp.

Kincaid Equipment Mfg. Corp, P.O. Box 471 Haven, KS 67543

ALMACO C-F Plot Combine

This combine, designed for research test

The ALMACO Plot Combine with :i corn header. Allan Machine Co, plots of small grains, corn, and soybeans, is self-propelled by a 37 h.p. gasoline engine. Its hydraulic system powers the forward and reverse drives, the variable speed thresher, the lift on the header assembly, and reel and drive on the variable-speed reel. It has an underslung, self-cleaning, adjustable, concave rasp bar. The 51 i/2-inch sickle bar cutter is accompanied by headers for small grains and corn which have bean saver snouts for soybean harvesting. It weighs 5,000 pounds, is 17 feet 6 inches long and 7 feet wide.

Allan Machine Co. P.O. Box 112 Ames, IA 50100

The ALMA CO Plot Combine with a soybean header. Allan Machine Co.

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