North American Sources Of Forage Mowers And Harvesters

Swift Current Harvester

The Swift Current forage plot harvester cuts forage material with a flail-type cutter and tieiivers it to a collection bin. The harvester is a two-wheel walking-type powered by a 7 h.p. engine. The width of cut is 24 inches, and

Swift Current Forage Harvester Agriculture Canada

Swift Current Forage Harvester Agriculture Canada grasses, legumes, or corn up to 5 feet high can be harvested. The sample box holds 6 cubic feet and is hinged so that it may be emptied by one person. An improved model is now available.

REM Mfg. Swift Current Saskatchewan, Canada

KEM Plot Forage Harvester

The Kincaid Plot Forage Harvester was developed for cutting crops when there is a need for weight data in research experiments. It is also used on small plots when crops must be harvested in a stationary thresher. Maneuverability is good, and steering is accomplished by use of two hydrostatic pumps. This enables it to be used in very small areas. The pickup reel is effective in lodged crops, and the pickup angle on the bats is adjustable by a rotating cam plate on the end of the reel. The collection box is easily dumped. Pickup reel, hydraulic header lift, header gauge wheels, and electric start are all standard equipment. It measures 56 inches by 49 inchcs by 156 inches, weighs 1,520 pounds, utilizes a conventional sickle cutting bar in 3-inch sections and uses an 8 h.p. engine for cutting u 54-inch swath.

Kincaid Equipment Mfg. Corp. P.O. Box 471 Haven, KS 67543

Mot I; Model J-60

Model J-60 is a 60-inch, rear-mounted mower designed specifically for the Kubota LI 5 or other compact tractors (see chapter four). With a modified three-point hitch, it runs off a tractor power take-off with a 25 h.p. maximum. It can be used to mow lawns, and shred weeds for mulch, as well as cut up forage crops. A unit like this is particularly helpful to the organic farmer who wants to incorporate organic material into the soil with rototilling blades but who needs to have the crop residue finely chopped first to avoid clogging the tines. The mower will leave stubble % to 3 indies high and cut a 60-inch swath. A triple-mower gang arrangement is possible for a swath of 10 feet 4 inches. This arrangement utilizes two self-power-,*d trailer-type t;towers with 8 h,p, engines.

Mott Model 18-60

Designed specifically for the front power take-off of the Bolens 1886 tractor, this front-end, 60-inch model employs hammer knife safety Hails as the cutting tools on this unit. The knifelike Hails have an edgewise cutting action which provides a cleaner cut and uses less power than conventional flail mowers. It is called a safety flail mowing system because, being lightweight and free swinging, the flails fold back when hitting an obstruction to absorb the foree of impact and minimize the danger of objects being thrown by the blade.

Mott Model T38

A unit to be towed, the T38 cuts a 38-inch swath and employs an 8 h.p. engine. It attaches quickly to any tractor drawbar wit't a cotter pin.

Other units are available specifically designed for most major farm and garden tractors, including the Allis-Cha'mers 616 and 620 and the John Deere 300 and 400 tractors.

The above harvesters are manufactured by Mott Corp, 500 Shawmut Ave. Le Grange, IL 60325

Geh I FC72C Chopper

Gehl offers a wide range of large forage harvesters, and their smallest unit, the FC72C Hail chopper, requires a 40 h.p. tractor or larger.

Gehl Co.

West Bend, WI 53095

Western Bear Cat Chopmaster

The Chopmaster requires the power of a two- or three-plow tractor for cutting a 6-foot swath of corn or cotton stalks and for mowing jobs. It operates from a 540 rpm power take-off shaft and fits any drawbar. Models are available with or without a blower, a discharge elbow, a cutter head, or an auger.

Westei tiland Roller Co. Hastings, NE 68901

New Idea Cut/Ditioner

New Idea offers a 7-foot windrowing mower requiring a minimum of 40 h.p. as their smallest unit.

AVCO Corp., New Idea Farm Equipment Div. First & Sycamore Cold water, OH 45828

Haban Flail Mo

The Flail Mo is designed for front mounting on compact tractors of 7 h.p. or more. Two sizes are available, a 36-inch size with 80 knives and a

Haban's 12 h.p. selppmpellcd flail mower, complete with riding sulky.

Flail Forage Harvester

isinch size with 120 knives. It will cut tall grasses and brash to a minimum height of 1 inch without throwing stones. Depending upon conditions, it can be operated at speeds from 1 to 4 mph.

2100 Northwestern Ave.

Racine, Wf 53404

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