North American Sources Of Forage Mowers And Harvesters

Haban Sickle Mo

Made for operation from the power take off shafts of 20 h.p. tractors or less, the Sickle Mo makes a 4-foot cut with a ftdi 3-inch stroke of the blade. Power is governed by a convenient clutch lever which actuates the drive belt, A full-

lloaling action to the self-adjusting cutting 'war keeps the blade level close to the ground. A swing back device permits the bar to move back instantly upon hitting a solid object.

Haban Mfg. Co. 2100 Northwestern Ave. Racine, WI 53404


Cutting bars on the Jari cut a range of 16 to fiO incites. It is a self-propelled unit available

Haban 48" Sickle Bar Mower for lawn and garden tractors. Haban Mfg. Co.

with a snow blower attachment. Separate controls engage the wheels and power unit.

jart Division, Ycar-A-Rouml Cab Corp. P.O. Box 2075 Mankato, MN 56001

BCS Mainline Sickle Bar

Manufactured in Italy, the BCS Mainline is a 13 h.p., gear-driven reciprocating mower with a 44-inch cutting bar. Sickle guards and swath-board ends are available, the latter designed to windrow the cut material. This unit has attachments for roto-cultivation, plowing, ridging, riding, and a trailer for transport. The manufacturer also offers a larger unit, which is discussed in the section on binders and reapers.

Central States Mainline Distributors

Box 348

London, OH 43140


The Ferrari walking tiller is manufactured in Italy. The handle pivcts 180 degrees, allowing the tiller to be removed and a sickle bar attached. In this position, the unit runs backwards.


6104 Avenida Encinas Carlsbad, CA 92008


This is a 38-inch-wide sickle bar with wide tracking for stability on hills. Individual wheel clutches provide a source of power for easy turning, The knife disengages for transport.

Kinco Mfg.

168 N. Pascal

St. Paul, MN 55104

The Seedburo Plot Cutter

Designed for experimental work on research plots, the plot cutter is an 18-inch sickle bar mower with a collection bin for catching cereal crops as they fall back after being mowed. It has a variable ground speed control and complements the use of the Seedburo plot thresher.

BCS Mainline Sicklebar Central States Mainline Distributors

BCS Mainline Sicklebar Central States Mainline Distributors

Seedburo Equipment Co. 1022 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60607

Kenco Sickle Mower

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