North American Sources Of Fourwheel Tractors

The International Cub Tractor

International Harvester has been making the Cub for over 25 years. It started out as an all-purpose farm tractor but has since gained popularity as a versatile implement for commercial situations: warehouses, loading docks, nurseries, and small airports. It has a 15 h.p., four-cylinder engine and hydraulic power for Iront-, rear-, and center-mounted implements. The offset front motor mounting improves visibility for front- and center-mounted work. The one-point fast hitch acts as a swinging drawbar to hitch or switch implements in a minute or less. The power take-off can be operated at three speeds to run a number of different implements

The International Harvester Cub International Harvester Co.

with different power and speed requirements. Attachments available with the Cub include moldboard plow, cultivators, discs, earth and snowplows, rotary and sickle bar mowers. The Cub is also available as a compact model with an 18.5 h.p. engine. With lower clearance than the standard Cub, this unit is better suited for tawn and estate work.

International Farmall 140 Tractor

Capable of mounting attachments at the front, center, and rear, the Farmall is used re ?«, witli front and center cultivation to take full advantage of the Culti-Vision feature, also available on the Cub. With no blind spot in front, you can see the ground rigs on both sides of a single row and control them precisely both horizontally and vertically. This tractor is widely used for cultivating tobacco, vegetables, and nursery stock. One size larger than the Cub, the Farmall employs a 25 h,p., four-cycle, water-cooled engine with four forward and one reverse gear.

International Harvester Co. 401 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611

Power King Tractors

Power King, formerly known as Economy tractors, offers several models. Differing only in

A Power King tractor with rotary tiller attachment. Engineering Products Co.

features—tire sizes and type of hitch—Power King tractors put a 14 h.o„ four-cycle, air-cooled, gasoline engine to operate equipment for all sorts of tasks, A belt-driven power take-off on the front of the tractor operates the mower, tiller, and snowblower while the three-groove pulley behind the engine drives the sprayer and hydraulic systems, Other attachments include a full line of cultivating equipment: spring-tooth cultivator, heavy-duty cultivator, toolbar hiller-furrower, and rotary tiller, as well as a 5-foot -i '-1-: ! ir, trailer, sprayer, and seed-fertilizer spreader.

Engineering Products Co, P.O. Box 284 1515 E. Ellis St. Waukesha, WI 53186

Ford 1600

Ford's smallest tractor outside of the lawn and garden category is their Model 1600 with a 23 h.p. diesel engine. With nine speeds forward and three reverse and many modern features, this unit transcends simplicity but is special because diesel tractors are not commonly found in the United States. This unit has attachments for many farm jobs: there are subsoilers, cultivators, harrows, mowers, rakes, scoops, cranes, post-hole diggers, loaders, seeders, and fertilizer attachments.

Ford Motor Co., Tractor & Implement Operation 2500 E. Maple Rd. Troy, MI 48084

Farm Implement Images
Ford Model 1600

Wheel Horse Series D

The 16 and 19.9 h.p. Wheel Horse tractors would fall into the lawn and garden category except for the fact that they otfer a wide variety of attachments, making them more of a utility tool than an implement for lawn care. Some of the attachments include a 3-gallons-per-minute sprayer, log splitter, landscaping rake, rear-mounted garden blade, shredder-grinder, 4-foot side-mounted sickle bar, lug wheels, mowers, cab, and all Brinly-Hardy cultivating attachments.

Wheel Horse

515 W. Ireland Rd.

South Bend. IN 46614

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