North American Sources Of Hand Wheel Hoes

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Planet Junior ii is ü.."Uahlc in either low- or high-wheel models. '' ^ is a full line of attachments including .n.utcrs and frrtilizci' drills. The high-wheel model has direct connection of handle to wheel. Low-wheel hoes place attachments right at the end of the handle for best control of the implement. The manufacturer can still replace parts for antique equipment.

Planet Junior Division Piper Industries P.O. liox 1188, Freepon Center Clearfield, VT H-1 Hm


This mode! is constructed of 16-gauge tubular steel with paintetl, baked enamel.

Equipped with a 20-inch, sealed ball bearing wheel with rubber tire, handle grip, and 8-inch sweep. Designee; to accept all standard implements for garden use. They also carry Planet f unior mexleis.

Cumberland General Store Rt. 3, Box 479 iaossville. TN 3M555

Empire Garden Plows

A full line 0f attachments can be used on this high-wheel hoe with overshot frame and wooden handles. There's a straight frame model on the 18-inch, low-wheel model with a metal extension from wheel to attachment. The manufacturer can stiU replace parts for antique equipment.

Empire Plow Co. Cleveland, OH 41127

Speedy Gopher

A 16-spoke, wide-rimmed, high-wheel hoe with a rear wheel allowing the operator to adjust the cultivating or furrow depth,

American Gopher Shovels
The Speedy Gopher Winona Attrition Mills

Winona Attrition Mills 1009 W. Filth St. Winona, MN 55987

Earthway Cult-A-Eze

Two wheels are provided for stability and easier operation of this unit. A 10- or 12-inch front wheel is followed by either the five-tine cultivator, slicing fioe, or furrow plow which in turn is followed by a small 5-inch wheel. The unit maintains adjustable depth settings from i,<i to 3 inches deep, Attachments slide and lock into place on the corrosion-resistant, heavy

Wheel Hoe Attachments
The Earthway Cult-A-Eze with pronged «seeder, blade, and shovel attachments. F, Products, Inc.

E.smay Products, inc. P.O. Box 547, Maple St. Bristol, IN 46507

ALMACO Hand Wheel Hoe

Two models are available with either 8- or 9-inch cutting blades. Both have a 14-inch guide wheel, hardwood handles, and a cutting depth adjustment.

Allan Machine Co. P.O. Box 112 Ames, 1A 50010

Wheel Hoe And Seeder
ALMACO Hand Wheel Hoe Allan Machine Co.

Hand Wheel Hoe

A full line of attachments is available for this high-wheel hand hoe.

Plow Mfg. Co, Department MG Bridgewater, VA 22812

Hand Wheel Hoe

You can get a full line of attachments for this high-wheel hand hoe.

Lambert Corp. 519 Hunter Ave. Dayton, OH 45404

Distributors of Wheel Hoes

Distributors for these manufacturers of hand wheel hoes include the following:

Belknap, Inc. P.O. Box 28 Louisville, KY 40201

Countryside Catalog Rt. 1, Box 239 Waterloo, WI 53594

Farnam Equipment Co, P.O. Box 12068 Omaha, NB 68112

Glen-Bel's Country Store Rt. 5, Box 390 Crossville, TN 38555

Lehman Hardware & Appliance, Inc. Box 41

Kid roil, OH 44636

A. M. Leonard & Son, Inc. P.O. Box 816 Piqua, OH 45356

Montgomery Ward 1000 S. Monroe St. Baltimore, MD 21232

Mother's General Store Box 506

Flat Rock, NC 28731

Nasco Agricultural Sciences 901 Janesville Ave. Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Sears, Roebuck fc Co. Farm and Ranch Catalog


Aspec APS-51 Hand Wheel Hoe

Hoe, plow, and cultivator attachments are available for this hoe. Weight: 7.5 kilograms.

American Spring & Pressing Works Pvt., Ltd. P.O. Box 7602

Malad, Bombay 400 064, India

Single-Wheel Hand Hoe

Attachments for plowing, cultivating, harrowing, hoeing, opening and closing furrows, and hilling-up plants are available for this model. The frame is of pressed steel, and slots are designed for easy adjustment of attachments. Weight: 10 ki lograms.

Cossul & Co. Pvt. Ltd. industrial Area, Kazalgtmj Kanptir, India

High Hoe

Use High Hoe is strongly constructed, yet light ami easy to use. The blades can be placed iti a number of different positions for either center or side hoeing, and can be adjusted by simply undoing two wing nuts. The handles can be adjusted lo three diHerein heights for ease of use.

Highlight Engineering Co., Ltd. Dunnington

Hand Furrower

The Jalo Hand-Pushed Cultivator with furrower, hitler (moldboard), cultivator tines, hoes, lawn aerator, and mite.

Jalo Engineering, Ltd.

The Jalo Hand-Pushed Cultivator with furrower, hitler (moldboard), cultivator tines, hoes, lawn aerator, and mite.

Jalo Engineering, Ltd.

Jafo Hand-Pushed Cultivator

This model can be used with one wheel (for cultivating between crop rows) or two wheels (for cultivating both sides of a single crop row). Attachments include plow, rake, ridging body, cultivators, and rotary pulverizer. It has a metal frame.

Jalo Engineering, Ltd.

Wimborne Industrial Estate

Mill Lane, Wimborne, Dorset, U.K.

Single-Wheel Hue

Hoe, cultivator, plow, and rake attachments arc supplied for this implement.

Kumaou Nursery Raiunagar, Xaimtal U.P., India

Thilot Hand Weeding Machine

"I'fiis cultivator can be used with either one ot two wheels. It is fitted with wooden handles and can be supplied with left- or right-handed plow bodies, cultivator tines, hoe blades, and a ridging plow—a low-wile*?! hoe.

Leusden-G, Netherlands

Hand Wheel Hoe

Attachments for furrowing, plowing, cultivating, and hilling are available for this low-wheel hoe.

A. J. Trosier Landmaschincnfabrik f»308 But/bach, Oberhess Postfach 2-10, West Germany

Three-Tine Adjustable Hand Hoe

Union Tractor Workshop 8-B, Phase II

Mayapuri Industrial Area New Delhi 1(0 027, India

Other Manufacturers of Wheel Hoes


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

Danishmand R: Co. Karkhana Bazar Lyallpur, Pakistan

International Mfg. Co. (Regd.) Hospital Rd., Jagraon Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Mohinder & Co. Allied Industries Kurali, Dist. Ropar Punjab, India

.Self-Sufficiency 8: Small-Holding Supplies The Old Palace, Priory Rd. Welis, Somerset BA5 1SY, England


Soil Blender

This is an electric garden tool designed to dig 12 inches deep, mix soil, fertilizer, cr compost from 1 to 9 inches deep, till 3 to 9 inches deep and 12 inches widf, hill f> inches high on 18-inch centers, and cultivate 1 to 3 inches deep and 12 inches wide. A variable speed switch provides blade rotation from 0 to 125 rpm. It has a h.p. electric motor, direct gear, and chain drive. Weight: pounds.

Gasoline Hoes

Soil Blendet harden Maid Division, Detroit Tool and Engineering

Soil Blendet harden Maid Division, Detroit Tool and Engineering

Detroit Tool and Engineering The Garden Maid Div. P.O. Box 232 Lebanon. MO (¡553«

Derby Tiller Power Hoe

Designed for heavier cultivating work than yuu would want to approach by hand, the Derby Power Tiller consists of a single support lube

Derby Tiller Power Hoe
Derby Tiller Power Hoe Derby Tilici Co.

witli 32 guarded tine teeth at one end and a 1 h.p. gasoline motor at the other. Weighing 17 pounds, it gives a finely granulated deep lill in one pass, working in 12-mch wide rows at depths tip to 8 inches.

The Derby Tiller Co. P.O. Box 21 Kumsou, N J 07760

A. M. Leonard & Son, Inc. P.O. Box 816 Piqua. OH 13356


A gasoline engine powers this model's oscillating cultivator tines for an action which leaves an even layer of loosenr-d soil without throwing soil on plants or damaging larger plant roots, features include depth control and compact, fold-down handles.

Precision Valley Mfg. Co. Box 9001

Springfield. VT 05156

Coleman Garden Plow

The Coleman garden plow is a one-row plow that facilitates plowing close to plants without damaging them. The cleated wheel has enough traction to enable slow ami deep plowing. Attachments include a 12-inch sweep for cultivating, a two-prong fork for covering seed

The Coleman Garden Flow Coleman Garden Plow Mfg. Co.

The Coleman Garden Flow Coleman Garden Plow Mfg. Co.

Coleman Garden Plow

when planting, and extra attachments for breaking the ground, planting, and cultivating.

The engine is mounted in front for balance and easy handling, and adtls weight to the cteated pulling wheel for better traction. The plow foot and depth wheel are adjustable.

Coleman Garden Plow Mfg. Go. Rt. 8. Box HHi Dothan, AL 36301

The Carolina Plow

This is a one-drive-wheel unit powered by a -lVi or 5 h.p. engine mounted on a heavy steei and tubular frame. The tillage tool is located in front of the drive wheel and below the engine. Attachments include sweeps, turning plows, torn shovels, [tillers, and cultivators. A smaller model is also available.

C, M. Products Sales Co. Dtv. of Oneida Metal Products P.O. Box 895 Rhistekmder, VVI 5-1501

EDKO Power Wheel

The compact EDKO workhorse incorporates a maintenance-free design on a balanced frame. 1'he 5 h.p. engine with 6-to-l gear reduction powers a chain-drive system to a 23-inch diameter lug tread tire. Liquid ballast is added for trac-

EDKO Power Wheel EDKO Mfg., Inc.

tion. Turn, corn shovels, and sweep plow are standard equipment for furrowing, hilling, and cultivating. The tool bar and handlebar are adjustable. Other attachments are available.

EDKO Mfg., Inc. 2725 Second Ave. I)es Moines, IA 50313


These implements uproot weeds and bury them in the soil. They work best in soils covered with a shallow depth of water and are readily available throughout Asia in different sizes to accommodate different row widths. One-row units are usually pushed by hand, but larger two- and three-row units are available with a power unit.

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