North American Sources Of Model 6 Tractors


The smallest of the new G models available, the Tuff-bilt has a 16 h.p, engine for powering the liquid-cooled, hydrostatic transmission and two category O three-point hitches with 400-pound lifting capacities, front and rear. Implements available for use on the Tuff-bilt include front and rear cultivators, front attachment for the Cole No. 12 planter (page 204), disc harrow,

The Tuff-bilt tractor—a lot like the AUis-Ckalmers G. Tri-Tractor Mfg. Co.

three-point drawbar, I2-inch-bottom moldboard plow, 54-inch grader blade, a 26-inch disc plow and rotary mower.

Tri-Tractor Mfg. Co. Rt. 1, Hwy. 19 North Gumming, GA 30130

Blue G-1000

The Blue G-1000 has a 16.8 h.p., water-cooled, four-cylinder gasoline engine. It has a Warner gear transmission with three forward speeds, and high and low reverse speeds. Hydraulic lift standard but the live PTO is optional. The G-1000 can be operated with a single-row cultivator, 12-inch moldboard plow, 60-inch three-spindle mower, 6-foot single-section disc harrow, or a 5-foot spring-tooth or spike-tooth harrow.

John Blue Co.

Huntsville, AL 35807

Hefty Hi-G

A high ground clearance of 36 inches provides the Hi-G with its outstanding feature and its name. As is characteristic of all type G trac-

The Hefty-G Diana Branch

tots, its 27 h.p„ water-cooled, gasoline or diesel engine is mounted in the rear, and the driver enjoys unrestricted visibility. A front-mounted, three-point hydraulic implement lift system or reai-mounted hydraulic furrowing bars support the ground-working tools. Its high ground clearance design is particularly suited for nursery and agricultural applications, but the high center of gravity makes it unsuitable for working on steep slopes. The selective sliding gear transmission has six forward and one reverse speed, providing a maximum forward speed of 13 kph. The 2-by 4-inch, welded rectangular steel tube frame is 82 inches high to the top of the steering wheel, has a 76-inch wheelbase, and weighs 2,440

pounds. A 12-voh electrical system operates a starter, generator, and four sealed-beam headlights. Available as optional equipment are a 540 rpm power take-off, live engine speed, front center power take-off, two-cycle, water-cooled diesel engine, variable tread widths as low as 4ys inches or up to 120 inches, single-row or multiple gang independent cultivator assemblies, rear hydraulic furrow and bar assembly, and rear drawbar kit.

Hefty Gw

Incorporating the same engine, transmission, and frame construction as the Hefty Hi-G, the Hefty Gw has a lower center of gravity with its lower, Hi-inch ground clearance. The wide wheel base straddles up to four rows or more of vegetables, reducing planting, cultivating and thinning time. It also has two specialized power take-off shaft outlets: one live at engine speed, one synchronized with ground speed. Optional implements include a 60-inch mid-mount rotary mower, single- and two-row cultivators, Danish fiber tine, spring-trip and spring-tine, double toolbar cultivator, midmount blade, and hy-

draulically controlled rear-mount furrowing bar with shanks. If you want the lower center of gravity of a Hefty but don't need the wider wheel base, a model called the Hefty G is available with a narrower wheelbase.

Hefty Tractor Co. P.O. Box 188 Juneau, VVI 53039

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