North American Sources Of Power Threshers

VITA Thresher Plans

Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) publishes a number of technical bulletins in response to requests for technical help from organizations and individuals in developing countries. VITA plans include a peanut (groundnut) thresher, soybean thresher, and Godavari rice thresher, as well as a set of guidelines for portable threshers. A complete listing of publications is available from:


3706 Rhode Wand Ave. Mt. Rainier, MD 20822

Vogel Thresher
14-inch Plot Thresher K.E.M. Corp.

14-inch Plot Thresher

The Seedburo plot thresher has a 14-inch wide peg-tooth cylinder and is completely self-cleaning. A straw puller is used to slow the material thrown from the cylinder and to meter it evenly into an air blast. Interchangeable screens are placed at the bottom of the air chute to further clean the sample. This thresher has a rasp bar cylinder with 52 teeth, and is mounted on wheels to be moved by hand. It measures 30 by 30 by 20 inches, weighs 200 pounds and is powered by a 3 h.p. gasoline motor (a % h.p. electric motor is optional).

18-inch Bundle Thresher

This thresher is built with a coil spring axle for towing behind a vehicle. It is fully adjustable for small seeds and grains, including soybeans, and has 14-inch diameter cylinders, with eight rasp bars per cylinder. Two fans are used to assist in complete separation. It is powered by a 7.5 h.p. gasoline engine with a hand clutch, fully guarded for safe operation.

Groundnut Thresher Model
18-inch Bundle Thresher K.E.M. Corp.

Both threshers are available from:

Chain Mfg. Co. 112 N. Kansas Ave. Haven, KS 67543

K.E.M. Corporation Box 471

Haven, KS 67543

Seedburo Equipment Co. 1022 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60606

Small Bundle Plant and Head Thresher

A medium-sized, self-cleaning thresher, this model is suitable for efficiently threshing and air-cleaning single plants, small bundles (heads only) of cereal or grain crops, some types of legumes, and other crops for both yield and purity research experiments. Two styles of cylinders and concaves are available: overshot spiked-type (round or square, depending on the grain to be harvested) or overshot rasping bar-type. The thresher also comes with both styles of cylinders and concaves that are interchangeable on the


Allan Machine Threshing Machine

Small Bundle Plant and Head Thresher with line engine. Allan Machine Co.


Small Bundle Plant and Head Thresher with line engine. Allan Machine Co.


Small Bundle Plant and Head Thresher with electric motor.

Allan Machine Co.

Small Bundle Plant and Head Thresher with electric motor.

Allan Machine Co.

same machine. It has a self-cleaning metering wheel, removable seed catch pan with recleaning screens, and an air blower. Its heavy-gauge metal housing is mounted on a channel iron frame with rubber-tired wheels and hand truck handles for easy handling. The thresher is approximately 34 inches long, 25 inches wide and 40 inches high. Weight: 190 pounds. Supplied with electric motor or gasoline engine.

Large Vogel Nursery Plot Thresher

Vogel plot threshers are one of the most popular makes because they self-clean completely in 8 seconds. The 20-inch-wide cylinder is the overshot type with spiked teeth or optionally equipped with rubber rub bars. The cylinder is fed directly from the feeding pan. A straw puller slows the flow of material from the cylinder and meters it to the shaker pan. A fan removes the straw and chaff from the grain as the threshed material passes over a tail rake. The seed is caught in buckets at the side of the machine. Power is supplied by a 9 h.p. gasoline engine. Approximate overall dimensions: 8 feet

Vogel Nursery Thresher
Large Vogel Nursery Plot Thresher Allan Machine Co.

long, 7 feet high, 40 inches wide. Weight: 1,350 pounds. This thresher has an all-metal construction, except for wooden fan blades and operator's platform.

Small Vogel Thresher

The Vogel head thresher is of the same basic design as the 20-inch Vogel thresher but without the shaker pan. The cylinder is 6 inches wide and is available with spike-teeth or rubber rub bars. Heads only are passed through the cylinder. Straw passed through the cylinder will not be removed from the sample if the straw pieces are heavier than the seed, as is often the case with forage. The thresher is self-cleaning within 3 seconds. It is powered by a 14 h.p. electric motor. Constructed of heavy-gauge metal, it is mounted on a coaster wagon truck for portability. Dimensions, including truck, are 15 by 38 by 46 inches high.

All-Purpose Nursery Plot Thresher

The Allan all-pUTpose thresher is used to thresh, separate, and clean samples of soybeans, wheat, oats, barley, flax, grasses, and other similar seed without loss. Construction is such that it may be easily inspected and cleaned between samples to prevent cross-contamination. Simple mechanical features permit fast adjustment of the cylinder blowers and shaker sieves to meet varying conditions of crops being threshed.

Standard equipment is an eight-bar, all-metal, rasp bar cylinder, five-bar adjustable concave, beater and straw puller, shaker pan with interchangeable no-choke sieves, adjustable catch pan, and two cleaning fans. A belt variator gives infinitely variable belt speeds to 2,000 rpm without affecting the speed of the shakers and blowers. Optional equipment incl -des rubber-faced rub bars.

The above threshers are available from: ALMACO, Allan Machine Co. P.O. Box 112 Ames, IA 50010

Burrows Equipment Co. 1316 Sherman Ave. Evanston, 1L 60204

Low-Profile Plot Thresher

Constructed with an eight-bar rasp bar cylinder and underslung grated concave, the low-profile thresher is hand fed from ground level. The stationary, towable machine was developed exclusively for threshing small and medium test plots of legumes, cereals, forages, and other

Stationary Thresher
This low-profile plot thresher has a hydrauiically operated unit for moving it as operators thresh row after row. Allan Machine Co.

special crops. It comes with a galvanized metal shaker pan with choice of interchangeable no-choke sieves. With a 7 or 9 h.p. gasoline engine, the unit measures 113 by 40 by 57 inches and weighs 1,250 pounds.

LPT Stationary Thresher

Available in three types of overshot cylinders and concaves, each of which is interchangeable, the thresher will efficiently thresh a wide range of crops from small test plots up to ]/3 acre or larger in size. Cereal grains such as wheat, oats, barley, and sorghums; legumes including soybeans, cowpeas, and field beans; and forage crops such as grasses and sunflowers have been threshed without material loss of seed.

Its simple mechanical features permit easy changes of cylinders and concaves, no-choke sieves, varying cylinder speed, air blower, and seed catch pan to meet varying conditions for each crop being harvested.

Power to operate the standard-equipped thresher is provided by a 9 h.p., single-cylinder, four-cycle, air-cooled, gasoline engine with a rope-pull starter and hand-operateu clutch takeoff assembly.

The thresher, completely equipped, weighs

Stationary Thresher
Researchers feed sheaves into the ALMACO-LPT Stationary Plot Thresher. Allan Machine Co.

approximately 1,375 pounds and measures 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 5 feei • . high. It is light enough to be moved e.. oy workers in the field or towed behind a car. truck, or tractor from one area to another.

Both threshers are available from: ALMACO, Allan Machine Co. P.O. Box 112 Ames, IA 50010

Single-Head Plot Thresher

Single head selections can be easily threshed in this single-head plot thresher. A ribbed rubber roller threshes the head by a crushing action against a spring-loaded rough rubber concave. The concave is hinged to allow the roller and concave to self-clean. A fan is built into the bottom of the thresher to blow out the chaff. The cleaned sample is collected in a small drawer.

L.A. Mennie

1029 Manahan Ave.

Winnipeg 19, Manitoba, Canada

Single-Head Thresher

Single heads or the product of short rows are threshed with this machine. It is self-cleaning, enabling a large number of single heads or small lots to be threshed and cleaned rapidly. The heads are pushed through a funnel-shaped chute to a peg-tooth cylinder. The straw is not passed through. Chaif is thrown into the chaff receiver by the cylinder air blast. The cleaned sample is collected in a drawer at the base.

Bridge & Tank Western, Ltd. Winnipeg 2 Manitoba, Canada

Kemp Stationary Plot Thresher

The Kemp stationary plot thresher has a spike-tooth cylinder that is 10 inches wide, with a 10-inch diameter base and a 7-foot long separating deck. The openings in the deck are varied in size to act as both a sieve and straw walker. Two blowers are used for cleaning. Unthreshed heads are delivered to a tailings drawer to be passed through the cylinder a second time. The thresher can be used for threshing many crops including clover and forage crops. Peas and beans are threshed by operating the cylinder in reverse.

Bridge & Tank Western, Ltd. Winnipeg 2 Manitoba, Canada

Roller Thresher

Plant material contained in cotton bags can be threshed by passing the bags through the rollers of this thresher a number of times. Mixing and seed loss are eliminated but the material must be cleaned in a separate cleaning device. The rubber-covered rolls are 14 inches in diameter, and contrarotate differentially at speeds of 50 and 68 rpm.

Small Seed Thresher
Roller Tkresher Agriculture Canada

Machine Services ;.nd Repair 47 Landsdowne Ave. Winnipeg 4, Manitoba, Canada

Swanson Plot Thresher

Developed to thresh a wide variety of crops, the Swanson plot thresher has a low profile for easy operation and inspection, A special air device gives precise air adjustments for efficient separation. The 18-inch-wide cylinder and con cave are built to close tolerances to eliminate lodging of seeds within the thresher. The cylinder has a speed range from 450 to 900 rpm.

Swanson Machine Co. 24-26 E. Columbia Ave. Champaign, IL 61820

Harmond-type Plot Thresher

The Harmond-type Plot Thresher has a rubber rasp bar overshot cylinder with a speed control and an rpm indicator. A feeder-beater is used to present the material to the cylinder. Cleaning is by air-assisted sieve actitsn using an adjustable sieve. The thresher has been used on a range of materials from bent grass to pistachio nuts. The capacity is 30 pounds per minute of wheat straw and 10 to 20 pounds per minute of grass straw.

Mater Machine Works Box 410

Corvallis, OR 97330

Pistachio Nuts Philippines Farm
Labour-Eat Thresher Walter 8c Wintersteiger

Adapted from. U.S. research models, these threshers were manufactured in the Philippines -with the help of the International Rice Research Institute.

Philippines Rice Thresher Machine
Vogel-type Head Thresher

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