North American Sources Of Searmounted Tillers


The Troy-Bilt is a popular garden tiller, with several choices of model and horsepower. Attachments are available. Two forward and two reverse speeds are provided by the chainleas, power train transmission with worm gear. Depth of tilling can be regulated to seven different levels while the machine is in motion, and the handles are adjustable as well. Attachments include a furrower (for trench composting) and a snowplow.

Garden Way Mfg. Co., Inc. 102nd St. & Ninth Ave. Troy, NY 12180

The Mainline Tiller *

by Howard Prussack

Mainline is a rotary tiller of high quality and multiuse adaptability. This versatile rear-moe.ited tiller helps fill the gap between single-use garden tillers and expensive tractors. The basic unit is ail S h.p., cast aluminum block engine with Pearlite cylinders.

Pearlite is a graphitic process of cast-iron composition, the product being about 20 times the density of regular cast iron, reborable three times. It has an all-gear-drive transmission—no

The standard 8 h.p. power unit with tiller to the left, and the same power unit with gear-driven sickle bar to the right.

Central States Distributors

The standard 8 h.p. power unit with tiller to the left, and the same power unit with gear-driven sickle bar to the right.

Central States Distributors

belts or chains. Its automotive design is completely ball bearing throughout, including both ends of t'*e crankshaft.

It is a 20-inch tiller with a heavy-duty cover completely enclosing the tines. There is separate engagement of wheel drive and tiller drive; so the tiller does not rotate (which saves wear and is safer) when transporting. The engine has a power take-off shaft to operate pumps, sprayers, and other attachments that are available, fifteen in all.

The BCS Company, which is in Italy, has been making this tiller since 1963, and it has been designed with the farmer and grower in mind—to take the heavy-duty use and do the different jobs that the attachments make possible.

The extra attachments which make the

* Excerpted with permission from The Natural Farmer, February 1977.

Mainline more useful for the small grower than any of the other tillers on the market include: a 44-inch sickle bar which can be mounted o.i the front; combination power hilling and furrowing attachment; a split-row tiller for strawberries and small vegetables; removable tiller so you can add a planter, tool bar, cart, or snowblower.

Mainline tillers come in 5, 8, and 10 h.p. models. BCS also manufactures commercial 16 h.p. rotary tillers which have optional grain binders and thresher attachments. In addition, they make riding tractors which are being imported into this country. The U.S. importer is BCS Mainline in London, Ohio, and the Natural Organic Farmers' Association has contacted them to become the New England distributor.

Central States Mainline Distributors Box 348

London, OH 43140

Ariens Rocket Tiller

In the same in-between league as the Troy-Bilt, the Rocket is a 7 h.p. tiller with two forward and two reverse speeds. The rear-mounted tines are 14 inches in diameter and till to a depth of 9 inches. Handles are adjustable for side oper ation, and the unit is available with attachments for extra-wide tilling and furrowing.

Ariens Co. 655 W. Ryan St. Brillion, WI 54110

Amerind Mackissic Mighty Mac
The Mighty Mac 524-RT Amerind-MacKissic, Inc.

Mighty Mac 524-RT

The Mightly Mac has an 8 h.p., four-cycle engine with a welded steel frame and a chain drive gear. Depth is determined by a manually adjusted drag control bar. Handles are fully adjustable, and speeds include one forward and one reverse. A furrowing kit is available.

Amerind-MacKissic, Inc.

Parker Ford, PA 19457

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Organic Gardeners Composting

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