North American Sources Of Seed Cleaners

The Model 30 Burrows Seed Cleaner and Grader

This is a small-sized seed cleaner and grader, suitable for seed testing or cleaning small lots of seed. It has a small chaff or scalping screen on top and large cleaning and grading screens below. Standard equipment includes any four chaif-grading screens and any four double-grading screens. A suction fan removes chaff, and die screens remove large particles and damaged seeds. Its capacity for wheat and other grains is 20 to 30 bushels per hour. For clover and other seeds, it can process 2 to 10 bushels per hour. Shipping weight of this cleaner is 145 pounds. The screens weigh extra. This unit can be operated by hand or a 14 h.p. motor. A bagging attachment is available.

Model 75 Burrows Seed and Grain Cleaner and Grader

This unit has a capacity of 60 to 75 bushels per hour when cleaning and grading wheat or other heavy grains, and 10 to 25 bushels per hour when cleaning and grading clover and other lighter seeds. This is a four-screen machine which has two separate shoes with two screens in each shoe. The scalping screens remove sticks, stems, pods, and other large particles; the grading screens clean the seed or grain and separate the cleaned seed into two grades when two screens are used. A high-speed multivane fan removes chaff and other light material. The Model 75 Burrows requires a i/2 h.p. electric motor for use without an elevator. When a charging elevator is used with the cleaner, a % h.p. electric motor is needed.

Burrows Heavy-Duty Double-Spiral Separator

This machine separates anything round from anything that is not round, according to the manufacturer. Vetch, peas, soybeans, pepper, rape, turnip, coriander, milo, mustard, and other round seeds are easily separated from wheat, oats, barley, fiax, corn, screenings, rodent chips, etc. No power is needed. The Double Spiral separates by gravity to remove round seeds from oblong grains, screenings, or weeds.

The machine consists of two units of spirals which feed from the same hopper and deliver together at the bottom. At the top is a large hopper with an adjustable feed plate for each unit of spirals. The seed leaving the hopper runs over a cone divider which spreads the seed evenly to each of the five Rights in each unit. Going down the flights, the round kernels travel at a much faster rate of speed than the other kernels. Their momentum increases until they run over the edges of the spirals, drop to the housing spiral and roll into a tray at the bottom of the machine. A single discharge chute is standard unless the double chute is specified. The double chute separates the round seed into two grades, portions of which can be controlled by adjusting levers.

The unit is built from galvanized steel, is set in a strong steel frame, and measures 77 inches high, 42 inches wide, and 22 inches deep. Its capacity is 10 to 50 bushels per hour (30 to

35 bushels per hour for soybeans), .Shipping weight: 200 pounds. Available options include self-cleaning hopper, laboratory sample spiral (single, 5 feet by 20 inches, with two flights), heavy-duty single spiral (20 inches diameter).

Spiral Grain Cleaner Model 2825

As the screen and spiral rotate in this model, the spiral moves the grain over the screen. Because of the movement of the screen and spiral and the horizontal construction of the machine, the grain flow is completely controlled and distributed more effectively than in an operation depending on gravity. The spiral in the grain cleaner assures that the grain will be carried over the largest possible screen area. The result is thoroughly cleaned grain that dries faster to help eliminate spoilage. This cleaner is belt-driven for economical and reliable power. Easily interchangeable screens are available for most grains. The cleaner was designed for easy maintenance, and performance-tested to insure best results. Model 2825 is 24 inches in diameter and 6 feet long, with a capacity of 1,200 to 1,500 bushels per hour (for dry corn). It requires a I h.p. motor.

Alt the above cleaners are available from: Burrows Equipment Co. 1316 Sherman Ave. Evanston, ii. 60204

Seedhuro Cleaner

The Seedburow No, 464 seed cleaner is similar to the Burrows No, 30,

Seedburo Equipment Co. 1022 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, II. 60606

Power-driven Seed and Grain Cleaner

This unit cleans and grades 2 to 10 hashels of small seed and 20 to 30 bushels of large grains per hour. It has a galvanized steel housing, smooth-action upper scalping or chaff screen, control!ed-vibration lower cleaning and grading screens, and the suction of an adjustable airstream. Eight screens provide 12 different screening combinations. The cleaner requires little operating or storage space; it measures 23

Spiral Seed Separating
Spiral Separator Stedlioro Equipment Co.

by 38 by 40 inches high. It is shipped from the factory near Columbus, Ohio.

Sears, Roebuck & Co. Farm and Ranch Catalog

The Ctipper for Sample Testing

The shoe of this model uses two 10- by 15-inch screens, one for top and the other for lower separation. The clipper also features a powerful blast fan driven by three sten pulleys and controlled, adjustable shutters on air intake openings to provide intermediate air regulation. In

Grain Cleaner Manual Shaking Screen
Clipper Seed arid Grain Cleaner M-2B Sccdblivo Equipment Co.

addition, it has a grain box and an air screening receptacle wth removable trays. This cleaner is operated either by a hand crank or by a % h.p. motor. The hand crank is furnished only if the motor is not mentioned on the order. Ten screens of the customer's choice and the cleaner drive pulley come as standard equipment. The Clipper Office Tester is 30 inches long, 15 inches wide, 23 inches high and weighs 45 pounds. Shipping weight: 90 pounds.

Clipper Hand-Testing Screens

Clipper Hand-Testing screens provide a libera! assortment of screens, enabling you to experiment with various separations and select the correct screens for each cleaning problem. For household use, you can use these hand screens to clean just as much as you intend to use. A storage rack is available.

Clipper M2B

In this model, grain is fed to the hopper which spreads it evenly across the full width of the top screen. The top screen perforation is selected with large openings to hold up and scalp off large foreign matter while the grain drops through to the second screen. The lower screen is selected with openings slightly smaller than the grain. Dirt, splits, weed seeds, and im-

Seedburo Equipment
Clipper Seed and Grain Cleaner No. 27. Seedburo Equipment Co.

mature kernels drop through this lower screen, and the clean grain discharges in the form of a curtain through the Bottom Air Blast Column. The bottom air is adjusted to remove any remaining lightweight trasii or underweight kernels. This air separation is selective because the fan is precisely adjustable over a wide range. With a screen size of 2414 inches by 22ยก4 inches and all-screen construction, this unit will clean up to 40 bushels per hour.

Crippin A-234, A-334 Seed Cleaners

The general construction and operation of the two-screen and three-screen models are similar. The first scalper on the three-screen model removes the largest trash and relieves the second scalper screen of this trash to provide more capacity and closer screening. In grading work, one more size can be obtained with this screen. AH screens are interchangeable. With a I h.p. requirement, the Crippin Cleaner handles from 25 to 150 bushels of seeds per hour depending upon the stage of the seed.

These cleaners are available from: Ferrell-Ross 1621 Wheeler St. Saginaw, MI 48602

Nursery or Test Plot Threshers

These plot threshers, 14 inches standard or 18 inches heavy-duty, come assembled and ready for threshing small lots of grain such as sorghum, wheat, oats, soybeans, barley, and peas. Cylinder speeds are adjustable; the intake "hoppers have baffles to prevent the grain from flying back out, and the air flow is adjustable for the type of grain being threshed. Both threshers have a secondary cleaning system that improves efficiency.

Maintenance is no problem: all pulleys, belts, and bearings are standard shelf items, and engine parts are easily available. Optional equipment includes a bagging spout and an extension hopper. Dimensions are 30 by 30 by 27 inches. The units weigh 200 pounds and require a 3 h.p. gasoline engine or a 34 h.p, electric motor.

ALMACO, Allan Machine Co. P.O. Box 112 Ames, IA 50010

Burrows Equipment Co. 1316 Sherman Ave. Evanston, 11. 60204

KEM Corp. Box 471

Haven, K.S 675-13

Nasco Agricultural Sciences

901 Janesville Ave.

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Seedburo Equipment Co. 1022 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago,'~IL 60606

Lee Grain Cleaner

Lee's Model A Cleaner uses a waterless cleaning process, tumbling each grain kernel between a rotating stone wheel and a stationary wheel. Each kernel is polished, scrubbed, and the outer hull scoured away by the rubbing action of the stones, without disturbing the germ. Following the dry scrubbing phase, the grain passes through an air separator which removes fine particles of dirt, dust, chaff, and bee's wings, or loose hulls. With the cleaner properly adjusted, dirt and foreign matter amount to about 2 percent of the final product by weight. The cleaner uses a dual voltage y4 h.p. single-phase motor to clean 150 to 200 pounds of grain per hour.

Lee Engineering Co. 2023 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53201

ALMACOAir Blast Seed Cleaner

Alioii Machine Co.

ALMACOAir Blast Seed Cleaner

Alioii Machine Co.

Air Blast Seed Cleaner

Designed for the precision work of research experiments, the Air Blast Seed Cleaner has two interchangeable screens with i/g-, 14-, and 1/2-inch wire mesh openings, two seed catch pans, and a 180-cubic-feet-per-minute blower. It is made of wood; dimensions are 20 by 12 by 23 inches.

ALMACO, Allan Machine Co. P.O. Box 112 Ames, IA 50010

Grain Cleaner

The AVI Grain Cleaner is patterned after the simple, efficient fanning mill cleaner-separator that was common around the turn of the century. This mill is designed for hand operation but may also be driven by any external power source. In operation, the threshed wheat is poured into the top hopper and is shaken through a series of screens which separate the grain from the dirt and chaff. The reciprocating action is accomplished by a cam and pitman arm attached to the camshaft. The fan itself is driven

The Implement Age, 1894

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