North American Sources Of Walking Tractors

The Rolton Automatic Mototractor

At first glance, one can hardly take this stocky trail bike seriously .as a useful farm implement. But after serious study, it is obvious that die Mototractor is a two-wheeled, two-wheel drive, dual-purpose power unit designed to handle all the usual farm chores with the same hearty determination of any tractor—while providing an expedient, rugged means of transportation as well.

be useful, a farm tool must be able to till more land than the space it needs to turn around in, a problem with Western-oriented equipment.

"Unlike Far Eastern countries, labor is at a premium in Africa, not land. Without the help of a labor force, the farmer mast rely on mechanization to get enough land prepared to feed his family and provide him with a cash crop. At the same time, he needs a means of local transportation and a way to get his produce to market-especially «luring the rainy season."

Rokon has designed the Mototractor to satisfy both needs. It has all the attachments of a small-farm, utility tractor—plow, cultivators, trailer, and spraying and irrigating equipment— is able to transverse two-foot streams, has wide tires for superior traction in mud, has a ten-horsepower gasoline engine and power take-off shaft, can climb 45-degrec inclines, and has a maximum operating speed of 40 miles per hour.

In the United States, the Mototractor is widely used by engineers, foresters, and fire-

A conversation with a Technical Assistance Official for Africa revealed that "the Mototractor could well be the sole piece of technology developed in the United States with significant implications for emerging nations. It is extremely strong and has few moving parts. In order to

The Rökan tractor crosses rugged terrain tewing a hetvy load. Rf'kon, Inc.

A third wheel provides added balance for plowing at slow speeds. Rokon, Inc.

The Rökan tractor crosses rugged terrain tewing a hetvy load. Rf'kon, Inc.

lighters for rapid travel over rough terrain, The power take-off shaft wilt operate a pump for fire-fighting as well as many farm tools. Gearing ratios provide pulling power which has proved valuable in rescue operations. One ski resort in Vermont uses their Mototractor to climb moun tains carrying workers, tools, and materials all year-round, as well as for rescue. Rokon, Inc.

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