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The Avtrac used in conjunction with an ft h.p. gasoline engine to pull a manure spreader. Jean Nolle

animals similar to those used with tractor-drawn equipment. Th . -as no one making horse-drawn equipmt-1 France at the time, and a serious shortage prevailed.

Tiie frame of the avtrac consists of a witle transverse pipe, in the middle of which is fitted the support for the shaft. The machine can be pulled by one, two, or three animals, and the equipment used is the' equivalent of that designed for 25 h.p. tractors. Each wheel support has a rear-mounted swinging drawbar to receive a standard toolbar or other implements. The third point is in the middle of the chassis.

For pulling a trailer there's a hook mounted on the toolbar. For the mower, manure spreader, and other powered implements, an 8 h.p. engine with PTO is mounted between the wheels.


In the eariy 1970s, Nolle was called upon to develop animal-drawn implements for use in Latin America. Finding that his sine and ariana tools were often unsuited to the hard volcanic clays there, Nolle worked out a simplified version of his tropicultor that used hooks to attach the implements rather than clamps.

The main frame of the kanol consists of a shaft connected to a device that contains two levers—one for adjusting the angle of penetration into the earth and another to control balance. Implements arc detached by simply lifting a hook.

The kanol carrics two categories of tools: narrow tools that do not require wheels (one-furrow plow, s.ibsoiler, peanut lifter, cultivator, ridger, etc.), and wider implements equipped with two wheels for stability (those used in conjunction with 150- or 170-centimeter toolbars and transport uses).

Latin American farmers experienced with the older Asian-type plows were quick to accept the kanol. Those alreaiiy using a sine or ariana needed only to purchase the main kanol support and toolbar; all the attachments were interchangeable. With the addition of the hooks, it became even easier to change implements than with clamps.

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