Pasquali USA

The Italian-built Pasquali is a 19.9 h.p. one-cylinder, four-wheel-drive, four-stroke, diesel tractor with articulated steering. Models with 24, 29 and 34 h.p. are also available. The transmission employs a sliding-type key gear with synchronizer supplying nine forward and three reverse speeds. The PTO has two speeds but it

Pasquali Four-Wheel-Drive Tractor Pasquali U.S.A., Inc.

on also be synchronized with all tractor speeds. Supplied with both a two- and three-point linkage, the hitches can be raised with an independent hydraulic lift system. Implements available for use with the GBT Pasquali include a rotary tiller, front-mount mower, single- and double-bottom plows, cultivator, and side cycle mower. Pasquali offers a number of other PTO attachments—enough to fill a 200-page blooklet. These are discussed in the section on two-wheel tractors.

Pasquali Macchine Agricole Via Nuovo, 30 Calenzano (Firenze), Italy

Pasquali USA Verona, WI 53593

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