Poweroperated Silage Cutters

The feeding mechanism of the power-operated silage cutler does not differ much from the hand-operated type, although the cutting mechanism itself may differ a bit. Two types of

Simplex Silage Cutter

This model has ly>> inch by 2y4 inch knives, and a large flywheel.

R. Hunt a: Co., Ltd. Atlas Works, Earls Cohic Colchester, Essex COfi 2EP, U.K.

Renson et Cie Grass Cutter

This unit has a cast-iron body and base plate with semisteel gearing. Four adjustable blades are mounted on a 4.50 millimeter hand-cranked flywheel. It weighs 13 kilograms and cuts 3-millimeter segments.

Renson et Cie B.P. 14

59440 Landrecies, France

Poultry Feed Cutter

This unit is similar to a small chaff cutter cutting heads are available, a cylinder type and a flywheel type. In both cases, a fan is provided for blowing the cut material into a silo through a vertical blower pipe. A power-operated silage cutter performs three functions—feeding the material into the blades, cutting, and elevating material into a storage bin.

The capacity of a silage cutter depends on the width and height of the throat, length of cut, number of knives, and speed of operation. One-half inch is an average length of cut, but this can be regulated by the speed of the apron and feed rollers. Faster feeding results in longer cuts while slower feeding will give correspondingly shorter cuts.

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