Once forage crops are cut and allowed to dry, they have to be gathered. The Rake Factory in Suffolk, England is still making hay rakes by hand, along with their handmade wooden scythe snaths. Wide, lightweight wooden rakes with long pegs for teeth are used for raking by hand. An early method of hay collection was a ground-driven, animal-drawn contraption with raking arms which carried hay up a primitive (but clever) type of conveyor and dropped it onto a wagon.

Today, baling is popular but most balers require the power input of a large tractor. However, one Italian manufacturer makes a baler attachment for a two-wheel tractor. They are Pasquali Macchine Agricole, Via Nuova 30, 50041 Calengano (Frenge) Italy. In North harvesting equipment

America. you can write to Pasquali USA, P.O.

The Texas Agricultural Extension Service ot the Texas A & M University System has deve -oped detailed building plans for a raking attach ment for the front end of a tractor. Made of ™Jod, the rake becomes slick and slippery with use and glides easily across hay stubble. A hydraulic lift facilitates unloading hay onto a cart. ______

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