Sawmill Equipment

Gaubert Saws

Gaubert makes a series of electric circular saws with 500 or 600 millimeter blades for both sawing logs and rough-cutting lumber. Tractor PTO and three-point-hitch adaptations are also available.

A. Gauberi 16700 16700 Ruffec Bordeaux, France

Gaubert Circular Saw


Gaubert Circular Saw


Speedy Cord Saw

This saw will cut hardwood slabs or logs to 8 inches in diameter at the rate of 120 cubic feet (about a pickup load full) in 30 minutes time. Three models are available; one trailer, one three-point-hitch mount, and one on skids.

Speedy Cord Saw Winona Attrition Mill Co. 1009 W. 5th St. Winona, MN 55987


The Mini-Mite can handle logs up to 18 feet in length. Equipped with hydrostatic carriage drive, the unit can produce true dimension lumber with a maximum cut of 4i/s inches by 12>/2 inches. The saw is designed to be towed with a pickup and can be set up on the site in 45 minutes.

Mini-Mite Transportable Sawmill International Enterprises of America, Inc. 3931 N.E. Columbia Blvd., P.O. Box 20427 Portland, OR 97220

Meadows Portable Mill

Easily moved and set up, the Meadows No. 1 mill features a 15 foot carriage on four sets of roller bearing travelers, 6 inch wheels, and a 48 inch blade.

Meadows Portable Sawmill North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Meadows No. 1 Standard Saw Milt Meadows Mills Co.


Pokrandt manufactures a tractor-mounted combination cord wood saw and wood splitter. The saw is driven off a tractor PTO; the woodsplitter is powered by the tractor's hydraulic system. Units may be purchased separately.

Richard Pokrandt Mfg. RD 3, Box 182 Tamaqua, PA 18252


Belsaw offers a variety of power sawmill equipment, including two sizes of sawmills, a self-feed rip saw, and a chain saw grinder. The smaller mill handles logs up to 18 inches in diameter, 14 feet in length, while the large mill will take a 36 inch diameter, 24 foot log.

Beisaw Power Tools 4103 Field Bldg. Kansas City, MO 64111

Glen-Bel's Country Store Rt.5

Crossville, TN 38555 Laredo

The Saw and Emery Laredo Model SEL-005 requires 3 to 5 h.p„ and is available in two models: with stationary engine or three-point tractor PTO. The saw (14 inches in diameter) and the emery (12 inches diameter) will reach a maximum 2,200 rpm.

Laredo. S.A. Industria e Comercio Rua 1 de Agosto, 1 1-67 17.100 Bauru (SP), Brazil


Fulton 900

Fulton's 900 Series winches are available with rated load capacities of 1,000, 1,500, and 2,500 pounds. Special features include a Load-Lak automatic brake system and large drum diameters for use with steel cable.

Fulton Mfg. Co. 1912 S. Eighty-second St. Milwaukee. WI 53219

Lug All

Lug AH makes cable ratchet lever winch-hoists in i/i, to 3 ton capacities. Designed to lift, pull, lower, bend, or stretch in any position and at any angle, Lug All winch-hoists are available with all types of hooks and with cable lengths up to 50 feet.

Lug All

538 Lancaster Ave. Haverford, PA 19041

Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Box 8397

Jackson, MS 39204


These 12-volt electric winches come in 12 different models. The winches bolt on to a vehicle's bumper and draw power from the battery.

Superwinch, Inc. Connecticut Route 2 Putnam, CT 06200

Trewhella Monkey Winch

Designed for pulling up trees and hedges, and for land clearing, the Monkey Winch is strong and light and has two speeds and a reverse gear. A lightweight model, the Spacemaker, is recommended for pulling, lifting, and clearing small trees. The Monkey Wire Strainer for mending broken fences or stretching new wire is also available.

Trewhella Monkey Winch Trewhella Bios., Ltd. Rolfe Street. Smethwick Warley. West Midlands, B66 2BA, U.K.


Sasgen makes all-purpose winches in 2, 5. and 15 ton capacities. An automatic safety brake handle holds the load in any position.

Sasgen Derrick Co. 3101 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60622


The Tirfor is a fully portable pulling-lifting or lowering machine thra can be used for many purposes, including tret' felling. It can increase the human effort by up to 85 times.

Tirfor Lifting & Pulling Machines Tirfor, Ltd.

Halfway, Sheffield S19 5GZ, U.K.

Fulton General Purpose Winches

Fulton winches come in load capacities ranging from 900 to 1,500 pounds; all feature a one-piece reinforced frame, two-way ratchets, and gears of high carbon steel. Also listed in these catalogs are free-spooling winches, come-alongs, a variety of hoists, and screw and mine-type jacks.

Cumberland General Store Box 479, Rt. 3 Crossville, TN 38555

Tirfor Lifting Machine

Tirfor Hand Puller

Tirfor Lifting Machine

Glim-Bel's Country Store Rt. 5

Crossville, 'I'N 38555

Belknap, inc. P.O. Box 28 Louisville, KY 40201


Airborne, a government surplus store, offers a wide variety of hand and electric winches, Maximum capacities of the hand winches range from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds; the larger electric winches, designed for more rugged use, have 4,000 to «,000 pound pull ratings.

Also available are hand-operated rope pulls, which combine hoist, winch, and puller for smaller jobs around the home or farm.

Airborne Sales Co.

8501 Steller Dr., P.O. Box 2727

Culver City, CA 90230

More-Power Puller

The More-Power Puller is a portable, two-ton block and tackle unit with r/in inch wire cable in 20, 30, ot 40 foot lengths.

Wyeth-Scott Co. 85 Dayton Rd., Rt. 16 East Newark, OH 43055

Forestry Suppliers P.O. Box 8307 Jackson, MS 30201

VITA Overhead Hoist

VITA is an international service agency that functions as a clearinghouse for information on village-scale technology and low-energy agricultural methods. Among the voluminous plans they have.developed for international distribution (primarily to developing countries) is this easily constructed tripod-lypc hoist that can be either electrically powered or hand operated. VITA also has a plan for a jack-type post puller made of angle iron and a clevis and chain.

Volunteers in Technical Assistance 3706 Rhode Island Ave. Ml. Rainier, MD 20822

Leva lift

I.evalift 117 Pull Hoist, a general-purpose pulling machine, can be used for large jobs, such as extracting trees. It is-available in S/i, l'/o, 3, and 41/2 ton sizes.

Herbert Morris, Ltd. P.O. Box 7

Loughborough LEU IRL, U.K.

Wire Strainers

Wire Strainers/Stretchers, useful for mending broken fences or stretching new wire around posts, vary in their pulling and holding capabilities. Certain models are for smaller tasks and utilize conventional chain; others require heavy-duty chain and can be used on many types of wire.

Port Elizabeth 390 S. Africa

Betty-Hill, Ltd. 75 Burwell R J. St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Trewhella Bros., Ltd.

Rolfe St., Smethwick

Warley, West Midlands B66 2BA, U.K.

Drival, Ltd. Cliurchbridge, Wks Cannock, Staffs WS1 3JP, U.K.

Ham Nicolaisen Box 18

Plainfield, NH 05781

Banana Conveyor

A winch-powered conveyor has been developed by the Overseas Department of NIAE to meet the needs si banana prfducers for a simple, mechanical carrying system to transport bananas from the field to the boxing plant. The conveyor, the department feels, may possibly be used in other field transport situations.

Powered either by hand or electric winch, it includes branch lines, ravine crossings, transfer rails, and switch points. A booklet describing the whole system and its components is available from the Overseas Department of the NIAE.

Tropical Agricultural Engineering Information Overseas Department

National Institute of Agricultural Engineering Silsoe, Bedfordshire, U.K.

Heavy-Duty Shrub Puller

Anchoring this tool to the ground by foot, the operator grasps the shrub, cotton stalk, thistle, sorghum or maize roots, or young tree in the jaws of this tool, and removes the stem by pulling back on the tall handle. No bending is involved. The maximum jaw opening is two inches.

Project Equipment, Ltd. Rednal Ind. Estate Oswestry, Salop, UK

Hans Nicolaisen Box 18

Plainfield, NH 03781

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