Sources of animaldrawn seederspunters

The Ferguson Planter

The Ferguson All-Purpose Planter is a one-row, team model planter with a duplex hopper and unique plate design. Shipping weight: 120 pounds.

Cumberland General Store Rt. 3, Box 479 Crossville, TN 38555

A Two-Row Planter from India

Sowing depth is adjustable on this all-steel-constructed, two-row unit. Row spacing is adjustable from 175 to 450 millimeters.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006, Rajasthan, India

Old Wheel Seeder

An old horse-drawn corn seeder complete with fertilizer box, seed box, ftirrower, soil-packing bars, ground-drive wheels, seeder clutch on handles, and a variety of interchangeable seed metering plates.

The Implement Age, 1894

An old horse-drawn corn seeder complete with fertilizer box, seed box, ftirrower, soil-packing bars, ground-drive wheels, seeder clutch on handles, and a variety of interchangeable seed metering plates.

The Implement Age, 1894

Ferguson Planter CiuiiIktIii)«! General Store

Ferguson Planter CiuiiIktIii)«! General Store

Automatic Rabi Drills

Wooden framed and all-steel models are available for sowing grain 20 centimeters between rows.

Automatic Kharif Drills

These are two-row drills for sowing seeds at wide spacings of 60 to 70 centimeters between rows. They are suitable for sowing maize, delinted cotton, and other seeds. Models with wooden frames or with all-steel construction are available.

Both the above types of drills are available from:

Danishmand & Co. Karkhana Bazar Lyallpur, Pakistan

Types ASD and RSD Seed and Fertilizer Drills

With working widths of 1.25 to 2.50 meters and row spacing adjustable from a minimum of 154 millimeters, this unit is fitted with a steer-able front axle. Various types of furrow openers are available for different soil types. The fertilizer can be sown together with the seed or at the side of the seed rows, as required. This unit is available with either fluted roller seed metering or star wheel fertilizer metering.

A.J. Troster Landmaschinenfabrik 6308 Butzbach, Oberhess Postfach 240, West Germany

Rice Seeder

This is a two-row seeder unit which can be fixed to the frame of the Occidental Hoe. The large-capacity hopper feeds the seed into a furrow dug by the two rear lice blades, which can be adjusted to give row widths of 12 to 16 inches (.30 to .40 meters). Total weight, including the hoe unit, is approximately 100 pounds (45 kilograms).

Stscoma B.P. 3214 Dakar, Senegal

Safaim Pitman Drive Planter

The Safaim Pitman Drive Planter is designed for maize planting but can be supplied with special attachments for cotton. It comes fitted with a fertilizer attachment and weighs 64.5 kilograms (142 pounds).

Massey-Ferguson South Africa, Ltd. Steel Rd., P.O. Box 677 Vereeniging 1930, South Africa

Super-Eco Seeder

This is an all-steel seeder unit with two large wheels driving the mechanism. Different plates or distributors are available for sowing groundnuts, millet, sorghum, maize, rice, and several types of vegetables. The unit is fitted with two handles, a furrow opener, coverers, a prcsswheel, ant -v guide for marking subsequent rows. 1 -eight is approximately 82 pounds (37 kilograms), and the unit can be drawn by a single donkey or bullock.

Societe ties Forges Tropicales B,P. 706

Douala, Cameroun

E.B.R.A. SU 201 Animal-Drawn Seeder

This animal-drawn seeder is designed for use on the ridge or on the flat. The hopper has a capacity of 8 liters and the two front wheels

E.U.R.A. Animal-Drawn Seeder

are adjustable. Drive is through a series of sprockets which' can be altered to vary the spacing in the row. Seed depth is adjustable on the shoe, and the unit is fitted with a press-wheel and covering knives. A wide range of seed plates are available for planting the smallest to the very largest-sized seeds.

28, rue du Maine, B.P. 81 49009 Angers, France


Another animal-drawn seeder is made by:

Project Equipment, Ltd. Industrial Estate, Rednal Airfield West Felton, Oswestry Salop SYII4HS, U.K.

Automatic Seed-Cuiii-FertiHzer Brill

This drill is light in draft and is fitted with disc furrow openers. The row width is adjustable from 150 to 250 millimeters. A fluted roller feed mechanism is used. The three-row model weighs

Fluted Seed Roller
Seed-Cwn-Ferlilizer Drill Cossul & Co.

95 kilograms and the five-row model, 110 kilograms,

Cossul 8c Co. Pvt., Ltd. Industrial Area, Fazalgunj Kanpur, India


Mulmushlia Tolutn Yaiitia


Mulmushlia Tolutn Yaiitia

Seed-Cum-Fertilizer Brill

This three-row drill has reciprocating plate metering mechanisms operated by a bell crank system from the land wheel. Row spacing is adjustable from 228 to 456 millimeters. Individual hoppers for each row allow the machine to be used for mixed cropping.

International Mfg. Co. (Regd.) Hospital Rd., Jagraon Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Maharashtra Tokan Yantra

Market Yard, Karad

Dist. Stara, Maharashtra, India

The Rajasthan Automatic Seed-Cum-Fertilizer Drill

This is a three-row machine capable of drilling small grain seed and fertilizer in one operation at an adjustable sowing depth.

Rajasthan State Agro Industries Corp., Ltd. Virat Bhawan, C-Scheme Jaipur 302 006, Rajasthan, India

Sisag Softroll Seeder Unit

Developed by the British National Institute of Agricultural Engineering, it will handle a wide range of seeds without fear of crushing or bruising. A pair of resilient neoprene rollers at the base of the hopper meter the seed (or fertilizer); metering is altered by varying the speed of the rollers The tmit can be adapted to feed a number of coulters, and is shown mounted on the rear of a tool bar.

Sisag Equipment Maccles-Field, Ltd. Shoresclough Works, Hulley Rd. Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 2LZ, U.K.

Sisag Soflroll Seeder Unit

Tanzanian Animal-Drawn Seed Drill

Ubungo Farm Implements

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Allied Seed-Cam-Fertilizer Drills

Both two- and three-row models are available for sowing wheat, barley, maize, groundnuts, and rice seeds. A V-belt ground drive from the wheel drives the unit; seed rate is adjusted by a single lever, and the seeding mechanism is automatically engaged or disengaged when the tines are lowered or raised. Large wheels provide a low draft.

Sisag Soflroll Seeder Unit

Tanzanian Animal-Drawn Seed Drill

Allied Seed-Cum-Feriiiizer Drill

Allied Trading Co. Railway Rd.

Am bala City 134 002, Haryana, India

Single-Row and Three-Row Rice Seeder Plans

Plans for these seeders which originated in Zambia, are available from:

Intermediate Technology Publications, Ltd. 9 King St.

London WC2E 8HN, England

Jumil J-l Planter

This planter, which also opens furrows and fertilizes, can be used on flat as well as mountainous terrain. It plants hard seeds such as corn and rice, soft seeds like peanut and castor bean, and cottonseed. Granulated, concentrated, or humid fertilizers can be used, or, if the soil is exceptionally fertile, the unit can be delivered without the fertiliser spreader.


Justino de Morais, Irmaos S.A.

Rua Coriolano 380, Sao Paulo S.P., Brazil

Jumil Brazil
Illustrated di reel ions for constructing single-row and three r¡iiv rice seeders can be obtained from Intermediate Technology Publications.

Jumil J-I Jumil

Jumil J-I Jumil

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