Sources Of Corn Harvesters

New Idea One-Row Snapper and Superpicker

New Idea offers two corn pickers which can be operated with a minimum of a 35 or 40 h.p. tractor, with power to spare for pulling a loaded wagon behind. The picker removes husks but leaves kernels on the cob while the snapper leaves husks on as well. The picker weighs 2,400 pounds, the Snapper less than 2,000 pounds.

AVCO Corp., New Idea Farm Equipment Div. First & Sycamore Coldwater, OH 45828

New Idea Com Harvester. Avco Corp.

KMN Single-Row Corn Chopper Model MBJ

The model MBJ harvests corn as a forage crop at a rate of approximately 30 ions per hour when operating at a speed of 4.35 mph. Power is supplied by the power take-off shaft of a 30 h.p. or larger tractor. It is 8 feet long and weighs 860 pounds. A larger model, MB-37 is also available.

KMN Modern Farm Equipment, Inc. 12 Sullivan St. Westwood, NJ 07675

Corn Combines

A corn combine is the same machine as a grain combine, but it has a different header and different screens. It picks, husks, and shells the cons in one operation, Just as many large Americatt-manufactured combines are interchangeable for wheat and corn, so too are many of the smaller combines discussed earlier in this chapter.

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