Sources Of Electric Mills


The All-Grain has a turbine-cooled air mechanism. The silicon carbide stones are placed horizontally inside a metal housing. There is a five-year unconditional guarantee on the mill, your choice of a 1/3, i/2, or % h.p. motor, and the stones. (See photo on page 337.)

All-Grain Distributing Co. 3333 South 900 East Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Lee Engineering Company Mills

This firm offers either fully adjustable grind or fine grinding mills. An automatic mechanism feeds the aluminum oxide grinding stones. The polyethylene hopper holds approximately 4 pounds of grain. Grinding rates for tiie % h.p. mill are 3 to 5 pounds per hour of fine flour, 20 to 25 pounds per hour of coarse meal. Rates for the 14 h.p. mill are 6 to 10 pounds per hour for fine flour, 40 to 45 pounds per hour for coarse meal.

1) Victoria Combination Hand Mill. 2) All-Grain Poi t Mill ii \lnatl >n f 'ii Mill /|S / W J I' Ht.n I Mill

1) Victoria Combination Hand Mill. 2) All-Grain Poi t Mill ii \lnatl >n f 'ii Mill /|S / W J I' Ht.n I Mill


Homestead industries in California once made this power transfer unit to adapt their mill to pedal power. It is no longer available commercially but the technique ù simple enough for the tinkering miller to duplicate. A wheel secured against the rear bicycle tire transfers power to a pulley which can operate any mill whose driving mechanism can be fitted with a pulley and run with a l'-belt.

Lee Engineering Co. 2023 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, W1 5320!

Marathon Uni-Mill

This unit has a particle board cabinet with a i/2 h.p. motor and a direct-drive handle for tu;tilEii<[ uprlation I'lte adjustable Mimu"i have ,1 sheai -.lite gt ¡titling .k limi whit h gtmtls 1 ¡«ituul i-i Hour pet minute ami Li pounds ol u'li'.il pel minute. (Set1 photo on page .'>''7.)

I'¡if Ê .nivci ( !o. L'l! t S. Industi tal I'aik Ave. j ftujic. s.-^s::

The 1 laivest Milk Mill

The spring tension on the stones in this mill prevents them lions locking due to the heating ot grinding, and it absorbs the shock Iron« [(»reign materials entering the grinding area. 1'he milt has a % h p. motor with a 1-year guarantee, stainless steel hopper and drawer, and an oak cabinet, l! produces Hour al a rale ot (¡0 to 7(1 pounds per hour. A luml-cniuk adapter' is provided.

k.111, Enterprises

.'(-171 South YVesl Temple

Salt Lake City, UT K-lll",

Ext alibur

This mill has a i/, h.p. capacitor-start motor with a 'Y\ h.p. motor optional. The s/,-inch birch cabinet is standard, but other woods aie available as options. The by l-iurh stones aie Îed by a " cup capacity hopper producing 12.1 pounds oi line Hour per hour.

Excalibur Products 57711 i-'lorin-l'erkiiis Rd. Sat ramenio, ( ;A it'iH^S

(«olilen Ci rain Grinder

The stainless steel inserts on this model track the grain before it enters the stones, producing less grit in the flour and less wear on the stones. The self-cleaning stones produce up to HI pounds of Hour per hour. A yt h.p. motor and hand crank are provided.

Golden Grain Grinder Division of Kuest Enterprises Box 110

I itlle Geni Mil!

\ I h.p. liloltir giVes tlic l ililí' < .ein a gi inth ng i ale < >| L'f> pon uds , il Ime floin pe> inuu and 101,V pniinils ni ioaise peí hotn . The nuil tomes uilii .i ¡ i.i in I i < ii!\i m . ni kil and ¡lililí i al nucí.

lili le t.em Mili Ll:ílpro S.W. l'i aiu is I>e.!\ei Ioli, ()l< 'l'iUU",

Mil lcr lioy Mili

On lilis motlel. a h.p. motor poweis the tungsien-carbide she.ii s wliit li tul the grain helóte it is ted mío the siones, The mili will g¡ ind appiovimaielv .'!(> pounds per liour. l'wo t altincis ale availahle with tlilleieisl Itiit i apac-ilies.

1'he Miller Hoy Mili wrn here Ittn hern modified (rom electric lo pedal power. 't he peil/il power unit, ftíllrd the Energy Cycle, M u product of Rodale He wiircrs Division, h.mmuus, !'n.

Magic Valley Industries, Inc. •105 Highway SO Filer, ID 83328

Mil-Rite Stone Mill

The 5-inch adjustable stones of this mill are powered by a 14 h.p. motor, for a grinding rate of 12 to 15 pounds per hour. Hand conversion is provided. The model tarries an unconditional 2-year guarantee.

Romper Stone Mill

This mill grinds 3 pounds of flour per hour. Hand conversion is available.

R & R Mill Co., Inc ■15 West First North Smithfteld, UT 84333

Great Norther" Flour Mill Kit

The tools needed to assemble this mill include a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, nails, and glue. The kit includes milling stones with a mounting arbor, ready-to-finish birch cabinet pieces, a Dayton i/2 h.p., 3,450 rpm capacitor-start motor with cord and switch, a 17-cup capacity flour pan; a 6-cup capacity grain feed funnel, and all the necessary hardware and instructions. The stones are guaranteed for 10 years, and can be converted to hand- or bicycle-powered operation.

Great Northern Distributing Co. 325 W. Fierpont Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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