Sources Of Hand Mills

All-Grain Mills

The H-l Metal Burr plate mill is designed for cracking cereals; Model H-10 has stones and burrs. The grooved stones are designed for slow turning and will grind fine flour the first time through.

* For specifications and more detailed information on 75 household grain mills, write to Organic Gardening Readers' Service, 33 E Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18049.

All-Grain Distributing Co. 3333 South 900 East Salt Lake City, LJT 84106

BH Grain Mill

This mill has a cast aluminum body with a chrome steel auger. Its artificial, adjustable stones will grind fine flour or coarse cereal.

Agri Resources RR 3, Napanee Ontario, K7R 3K8 Canada

Corona Burr Mill

This cast-iron burr mill grinds one pound of cereal per minute. It is adjustable for fine flour (which must be run through several times) or coarse cereal. The Corona Stone Mill with two stones is available for grinding fine flour the first time through. A conversion mill is also available.

Natural Health Appliances P.O. Box 169 Meclean, Australia 2463

R & R Mill Co., Inc. 45 West First North Smithfield, UT 84335

Village Equipment Suppliers

Lea, Papua, New Guinea

Red Chief Feed-Grinding Mill

The Red Chief, which can be used with all small grains and is especially recommended for poultry feed, grinds 1 to 2 bushels per hour. Spring tension regulates the fineness of ground material. Triplex and flat steel burrs are used in the process. The mill fastens to a box or barrel.

Cumberland General Store Crossville

Cumberland General Store Route 3, Box 479 Crossville, TN 38555

S.A.M.A.P. Cereal Grinder

Also designed for specialized milling of very dry grains, the S.A.M.A.P. Cereal Grinder is a vertical-axis mill using natural stone granules embedded in stabilized magnesite cement. Fineness of grinding and the rate of grain feed between the stones are adjustable. Controlling the rate at which the grain is fed is a unique feature to the S.A.M.A.P. mill which allows the operator to determine the difficulty of his grinding stroke. The weight of this unit is 1914 pounds (8.75 kilograms). (See photo on page 337.)

Miracle Exclusive, Inc. 16 West 40th Street New York, NY 10018

B.P. Horbourg Wihr

68000 Colmar, France

Stone Miller

The AVI Stone Miller gra]n grinder is specifically designed to make it easy to grind wheat into fine flour in one grinding. It should be pointed out, however, that what is gained in ease is lost in speed. Although primarily designed for hand power, this mill can be efficiently run with an external power source. It is made of reinforced cast iron with gears providing a 2:1 reduction for easy grinding. The 18-pound, 16-inch diameter flywheel handle drives an auger which feeds grain between two 5-inch stones. The stone separation is adjustable and the hopper holds 4 pounds of grain. Total weight: approximately 55 pounds.

Hill fojlnPr Red Chief Mill HP^ Cumberland General Store

A VI Stone Mill

The American Village Institute

440 Meyers St.

Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Little Gem Hand Mill and Juicer

This is an adjustable cast-iron, stone, hand mill. Turn the handle to the left to grind grain, to the right to make juice.

Little Gem Mills 23655 S.W. Francis Beaverton, OR 97005

O.B. (Quaker City) Steel-Stone Grinder

This model has two sets of metal burrs— coarse burrs for cracking grains and grinding oily grains and seeds, and sharpened burrs which grind flour from oily grains that would clog stone grinding surfaces. This company also carries the Victoria stone-burr combination mill. (See photo on page 337.)

Sterling H. Nelson & Sons, Inc. 525 South 500 West P.O. Box 1296 Salt Lake City, UT 84110

Victor Stone-Burr Mill

This cast aluminum and durable plastic mill has a stone grinding surface and a stainless steel screen to sift flour to a uniform texture. Pulleys are available to attach the mill to a motor.

Victor Mfg. Co. 8141 4th SW Seattle, WA 98106

Little Ark Hand-Electric Stone Mill

This mill is designed to grind all dry grains and should not be used to regrind flour previously ground or to grind damp grains. It can be motorized, but the stones should be set at 150 rpm or less to avoid damaging them. A i/3, \/2, or % h.p. motor can be used.

Retsel Corp. Little Ark Division McCannon, ID 83250

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