Sources Of Harvesting Plows

I.D.C.-Bornu Groundnut Lifter and I T. Groundnut Lifter Plans

The I.D.C.-Bornu Groundnut Lifter was originally developed in a joint USAID/Ministry of Agriculture project at Maiduguri for the savanna area of northern Nigeria. This tool was later introduced by the I.D.C.-Zaria for manufacture by local blacksmiths, and it was more recently adapted for local manufacture at the I.T.D.G. Project at Magoye, Zambia. The lifters have no sifting tines but were designed spe cifically for groundnut raising (peanuts and legumes).

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Hert Digger

Digging five times faster than a hand tool,

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com in one operation- Just as many large American-manufactured combines are interchangeable for wheat and corn, so too are many of the smaller combines discussed earlier in this chapter.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

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