Sources Of Juice Presses

The AVI Omager

The Cottager is a simple., heavily constructed tabletop fruit or wine press. It is designed for squeezing soft fruits, but it is only efficient if the fruit is either sliced or ground beforehand. No grinder is provided. The hardwood tub has beveled staves for easy cleaning, stands 11 inches high and is 9 inches in diameter. The cast-iron frame and oak base produce a maximum in strength and rigidity. The %-inch press-screw passes through a heavy cast-iron crossarm and applies pressure to an iron foot attached to a wooden disc that fits inside the tub. The base

A VI Cot lager

is 11 inches square, height is 21 inches, and the weight is 30 pounds.

The AVI American Harvester

The American Harvester double-tub rider mill is a hand-operated mill capable of doing both pressing and grinding at the same lime. The double-tub feature becomes a practical advantage when you're processing a large number of apples. The quantity of apples processed depends on the speed of the operator(s). Experience has shown that two people can produce as much as 30 gallons in one hour (that's the current record), but ordinarily, two people working at a steady pace should not expect to produce more than HO gallons of cider in an average day.

The basic frame is constructed entirely of oak, the tray and hopper of maple and alder, respectively. All joints are dadoed (rectangular grooves are cut in them) and iross-bolted for

A VI American Harvester

structural rigidity. The hardwood tubs are 12 inches high and 13i/_, indies in diameter, and have beveled staves for easy cleaning. The pressscrew is li/2 incites in diameter; the grinder housing is all cast iron. The grinding cylinder is laminated hardwood with inserted stainless steel teeth, A Hi-inch jlywheel and 3 k> 1 gear ratio accompany the handle. Overall size is 22 inches wide, Hfj inches long, and 45 inches high.

The press weighs approximately 200 pounds.

The Villager

The Villager is a single-tub cider or wine press with the same basic frame and press-screw assembly as the double-tub model. It has been specifically designed as an all-purpose fruit press which is capable of grinding and squeezing a variety of fruits, including apples. The grinding attachment is mounted directly over the tub, allowing the pulped fruit to be squeezed in place. The large bevel-staved tub holds about a bushel of pulped apples and will yield from I to 3

gallons per press (depending on the kind of apples used). The handle is a heavy flywheel with direct drive attached to the grinding shaft. The overall size is 18 by 22 by 42 inches high. Weight is about 125 pounds.

AVI Villager

The above three presses are available from;

American Village Institute

440 Meyers St.

Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Rolling River Presses, Inc. Dept. 499, 5 Ranch Rite Rd. Yakima, WA 98901

Berarducci Brothers

Berarducci Brothers are manufacturers, exporters, and importers of Italian specialty equipment for the kitchen. Their product line includes a variety of electric and manual fruit crushers and both hydraulic and press-screw fruit presses, for example:

Superior Electric—A 14 h.p.-driven mill for grapes. The roller is of cast aluminum, 9 inches by 4>4 inches. Weight: 100 pounds.

Ontario Electric—A 14 h.p.-driven mill for apples, pears, and plums. Roller is "ast aluminum, 5% inches by 17 inches. Weight: 75 pounds.

Erie Electric—A grape crusher with 10 by 5yz inch cast aluminum rollers. It is driven by a y4 h.p. motor. Weight: 37 pounds.

Michigan—A manual press with all red oak frame and hopper, and double-aluminum rollers; handle-driven for grapes. Weight: 25 pounds.

Erie—A manual press with all-aluminum hopper, sharp teeth-type aluminum single-roller mounted on an aluminum frame, and red oak hardwood cross handles; handle-driven tor grapes. Weight: 21 pounds.

Superior—A manual fruit crusher with all red oak wood frame and hopper, double-aluminum rollers, and adjustable bearings for spacing rollers; flywheel-driven for grapes.

The six sizes of hydraulic fruit presses are constructed of selected red oak hardwood to purify and not taint the delicately flavored juices. All cast-iron parts are machine finished for easy operation and painted with a heavy, blue, acid-resisting enamel. The diameter of the pressing plate varies from 16 to 25 inches, according to the size of the model. Its capacity for crushed pulp ranges from 150 to 800 pounds.

One press-screw press is available with a ratchet system handle, 11-inch diameter press plate and %-inch diameter press screw. It weighs 30 pounds and has a capacity for 60 pounds of crushed pulp.

Berarducci Brothers Mfg. Company, Inc. 1900 Fifth Ave. McKeesport, PA 15132

Fruit Press

The Colonial-style grinding unit of this fruit press has -tainless steel cutters mounted in a 4-inch wooden roller with a 1'2-inch diameter flywheel. A bushel of apples can be ground in 15 to 20 minutes. Pressing 3 gallons of cider takes only 3 minutes. The fruit press stands 4 feet high, and is made of hardwoods, spruce, and exterior plywood. Attached to the press, the grimier will drop fruit pulp directly into the pressing tub, or it can be removed and bolted to another support. This way, two people can work together, one grinding and the other pressing. The press plate is driven by a 1-inch diameter, threaded steel press-screw. The unit comes unassembled.

Cumberland General Store Rt. 3

Crossvilie, TN 38555

Farnam Sunrise Equipment & Supplies P.O. Box 12068 Omaha, NE 68112

Garden Way Research Charlotte, VT 05445

Good Nature Fruit Press

Good Nature Products offers three sizes of hydraulically operated fruit presses. The hydraulic jack employed can apply 6,000 pounds of pressure and will retract itself with one turn of a valve, unlike the old press-screws which had to be cranked backwards before starting a second batch. The familiar slotted tub of other models is replaced in this one with several layers of slotted, flat wooden racks between which cloth bags full of pumice are squeezed. The racks insure that no drop of juice has to force its way through more than one inch of pulp, whereas the old tub presses required that juice travel through as much as 10 inches of packed fruit pulp. This press yields about 3 or 4 gallons of juice from each bushel of apples. The grinder design incorporates a rotating drum with short, stainless steel blades that shave apples gradually as they rotate, forcing the pulp through a narrow slot from which a coarse applesauce emerges. The drum is turned with a hand crank, electric drill, or 14 h.p. electric motor. Available models

Goodnature Grinder Parts
The Goodnatured Fruit Press (>och! Naliiif i'uxtuus, Int.

include a 130-pound press with a capacity of I to 5 bushels for a maximum output of (50 gallons per hour, a I 10-pound press with a rapacity of 1 to 21/, bushels for a maximum output of 30 gallons per hour, and a Sli-pound table press with a 1-bushel capacity for an output of 12 gallons per hour.

Good Nature's electric grinder is self-feeding, has all stainless steel parts, grinds up to 30 pounds of apples per minute, and is powered by a i/j h,p. eluctrie motor. It can be used to grind or slued anv fruits, vegetable's, or cheeses. The: company's manual grinder is hand crank operated, but may be automated with an electric drill. The polyvinyl chloride drum with stainless steel blades will grind almost any fruit or vegetable.

Good Nature Products, Inc. 4879 Old Buffalo Rd. Warsaw, NY M569

Hand Crank Hopper Kit

This kit includes a precut oak frame, crush-

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