Sources Of Powerdriven Shelling Machinery

CeCoCo Peanut Sheller

In the CeCoCo sheller, threshed and cleaned peanuts are shelled by a revolving beater mechanism. After being run through the machine, unshelled and shelled peanuts are separated with a fan and screen. Unshelled nuts should go back in the implement until shelling is complete. Breakage of kernels is between 2 and 3 percent. Four model types are available using 1, 2, or 3 h.p. motors and with outputs of 120 to 420 kilograms per hour depending on the model.


P.O. Box 8, Ibaraki City Osaka Pref. 567, Japan

Harrap Wilkinson, Ltd. Automatic Groundnut Decorticator

Nuts to be shelled are placed in a hopper at the top of this machine. The nuts pass into a beater chamber by means of a ribbed feed roller; the rate is adjustable. Rotating, flexible beaters break the shells, and a blower median ism separates the shells so that only the kernels are in the delivery chute. Wilkinson's No. 2 machine has a J i/2 h.p. motor and an output of 254 to 406 kilograms per hour.

Harrap Wilkinson, Ltd. North Phoebe St. Salford M5 4EA, U.K.

Dandekar Brothers Groundnut Decorticator

Dandekar Brothers manufactures four types of power-driven decorticators. Type A needs a 5 h.p. motor and has an output of 80 (180 pound) bags per (12 hour) day. Type B requires a 6 h.p.

Dandekar Power Groundnut Decorticalor Dandekar Brothers

motor ami will produce up to 100 bags a day. Type C is powered by a 7 h.p. motor and will shell up to 120 bags per day, and Type D uses a 10 h.p. motor for a maximum output of 200 bags per day. The hopper is on the upper part of the machine. Nuts pass from there into an opener cylinder where the shells are broken and separated from the kernels. The shelled nuts fall on the ground to be collected.

Dandekar Brothers Sangli

Maharashtra, India

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