Sources Of Poweroperated Silage Choppers


This model cuts «11 kinds ot forages into lengths varying from 4 to millimeters. It will throw the cut product to a height of 10 meters while the adjustable outlet allows it to be deposited in any preselected place,

Irmaos Nogueira S.A. Rua 15 De Novembro, 781 Gaixa Postal, 7

Itapira, Fist. Sao Paulo, Brazil Atlas

Fitted with forward, stop, and reverse action and controlled by a safety stopping lever, the Atlas comes supplied with two pairs of change wheels which will cut a range of lengths from I/, to % inc h. The output for t/t inch lengths ranges from 7 to 15 hundredweights per hour, depending upon the blades used.

R. Hunt & Co., Ltd. Atlas Works, Earls Colne Colchester, Essex COG 2EP, U.K.

Laredo Chopper

This unit works coupled to the three-point hitch of a tractor or powered by a stationary engine—electric or fuel. It is a combination hammer mill-silage chopper capable of producing from 220 pounds of fine corn flour to £ tons of chopped grass in an hour.


Rua ! ° de Agosto 11-67—17.100 Bam u (SP) Brazil

Tien Chien Silage Chopper

The Ta-Yu Silage Cutler and Potato Slicer is treadle-powered but can be operated with a i/i to % h.p. motor. It weighs 84.6 kilograms, measures 27 by 34 by 39 inches, and produces at a rate of approximately 300 to 500 kilograms per hour.

Tien Chien Treadle Power Ensilage Cutter and

Potato Slicer.

Tien Ctiien Enterprises

Tien Chien Treadle Power Ensilage Cutter and

Potato Slicer.

Tien Ctiien Enterprises

Tien Chien Enterprises Co., Ltd.

CeCoCo Chopper

The chopping length of this unit varies from il to 51 millimeters utilizing a 2.5 to 4.0 h.p. motor. It has a capacity of up to 4.9 tons per hour.

CeCoCo Chaff Cutter

This power unit comes in four models rang-j ing in power requirement from \/\ to 2 h.p. for | output capncitics of 300 to 800 kilograms per I hour. T he cut is b flv adjustable, and the j blades are made of sheer steel for long-lasting | sharpness.

| CeCoCo Silage Cutter j The silage cutter is designed to blow

! chopped material into a high storage space. The

Af/m-p of the early /wnn r-operaled silage cutlers received their pcwer from a I'Jjelt and pulley arrangement from a tractor bower-take-off shaft. This model has a conveyor for delivering ensilage to-a high bin or into a leu von.


Power Required


Capacity ton hour Corn Straw

Cutting Length in millimeters

Weigh I

5-6 h.p.




10, 16. 22, 32, 4L 76

265 kg

3-4 it.p.





180 kg

2-3 h.p.




6, 13, ¿9, 32, 54, 85

145 kg

1-2 h.p.




13, 22, 35, 64, 102

115 kg

1-2 h.p.




8, 2],:>«, 110

100 kg

knives '»re easily removed for sharpening and the shear-cutter-bar lias double cutting edges which can be reversed when one side is worn out.

P.O. Box H, ibaraki <.:ity Osaka, Pref. 567, Japan


The root and vegetable cutter is a very simple tool for slicing potatoes, turnips, sugar beets, carrots, and other root crops into small pieces suitable for animal feed or compost, it is not designed to handle branches or heavy brush. In practice, tfie hopper is filled with semihard fruits or vegetables which are then sliced and shredded by ihe action of a heavy, cast-iron wheel with a number of small cutters\attached to it.

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