Sources of tractordrawn broadcast seeders and spreaders

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Ezee Flow Model 105 Spreader

They call it a turf care model, but this 310-pound unit with a 7.7 cubic foot, 500-pound hopper capacity falls into the small farm category for us. With a 54-inch-wide coverage, this unit is ground driven and requires a minimum of 10 h.p. to pull it. The spreader is calibrated for seed as well as fertilizer distribution.

Ezee Flow Seeder
Ezee Flow No. 105 Spreader Avco Corp.

Exec Flow Number 113 Broadcast Seeder

With a 3-busheI (2-busheI extension available), galvanized steel hopper capacity, this 81-pound broadcast seeder spreads up to 36 feet. The spread is controlled from the tractor seat. The unit requires a minimum of 18 h.p., a three-point hitch, and a universal-joint PTO drive. Larger units are also available.

Ezee Flow, AVCO Corp. First & Sycamore Coldwater, OH 45828

Wikomi Electric Broadcast Seeder

You can attach this electric seeder to your truck, jeep, or car—a tractor is not necessary, just a 6-volt battery. With a iy2-bushel capacity and an optional 1-bushel extension, you can plant 20 acres per hour. Larger units are available.

Sears Electric Point Hitch
Ezee Flow So. 113 Spreader with three-peint hitch mounting and universal PTO shaft drive, Avco Corp.
Seeders And Spreaders

"'■¿M Wikomi Electric Broadcast Seeder

Wikomi Poly-Hopper Seeder-Spreader

A new product in their lawn and garden line, the I-bushel seeder, 100-pound fertilizer spreader constructed of polyethylene fits most lawn and garden tractors and riding lawn mowers. It has a 12-volt electric drive, mounts on a rear drawbar, and weighs pounds. Larger units are available.

Wikomi Mfg. Co. P.O. Box 100 Litchfield, IL 62056

Sears Spreaders

The smallest unit Sears lists has a 1-bushel capacity. It bolts to a standard tractor drawbar and is powered with a direct drive PTO. It has an 18-gauge welded steel hopper and spreads a swath up to 50 feet wide. Weight: 37 pounds.

Sears, Roebuck & Co. Farm and Ranch Catalog

Apolo Broadcaster

With a capacity of 400 to 450 kilograms, this fully adjustable unit operates from the power take-off shaft of a tractor. The recommended application speed is 7 to 12 kilometers per hour.

Industrias Metalurgicas Apolo S.A. Carrera 50-2 Sur-189 Autopista Sur Medellin, Antioqui, Colombia


Lely makes broadcasters for a tractor PTO with hopper capacities ranging from 8.5 to 156.4 bushels.


Box 1060

Wilson, NC 27893 Gandy

Starting with a 3-foot long, 1.6 cubic foot hopper, Gandy has tractor-drawn, wheel-driven spreaders for seeding or fertilizing.

Gandy Co.

528 Gandrud Rd.

Owatonna, MN 55060

106 Single Spinner

New Idea's smallest model spreader-seeder (No. 106) has a 12-gauge steel hopper capacity of 690 pounds and an effective spread width of 36 feet. Density of coverage ranges from 4 to 1,570 pounds per acre. It attaches to a tractor by a three-point hitch.

New Idea 109 Spinner Fertilizer Spreader

AVCO Corp,; New Idea Farm Equipment Div. First & Sycamore Coldwater, OH 45828

Diadem Precision Spinner Spreader and Seeder Attached with a three-point hitch, the Diadem comes with 7% 9-, or 12-bushel capacities.

Vandermolen Corp. 119DorsaAve. Livingston, NJ 07039

Gherardi Fertilizer Broadcaster

Although this spreader is suitable for most types of fertilizer, it was designed chiefly for high-concentrate, granulated, pulled, or semi-pulled fertilizers requiring a high degree of accuracy. Traveling speed can range from 3 to 16 kilometers per hour. Two sizes are available: a 75-kilogram model with a 300-liter capacity, and a 130-kilogram unit with a 500-liter capacity.


Officine Macchine Agricole Industrial! Jesi (Ancona) Via Gallodoro 68, Italy


The Midjet is a small, tractor-drawn, broadcast seeder-fertilizer designed as a lawn tool, which hitches to a small garden tractor.

Champenois ChamouiUey 52170 Chevillon, France

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