Sources of tractordrawn drill seeders

Planet Junior 7135X Drill Seeder

A versatile planter with interchangeable seed plates for drilling vegetable seeds of all sizes. Special attachments are available for adapting the unit to field crops.

Planet junior Division Piper Industries P.O. Box 1188, Freeport Center Clearfield, VT 84106

Piper Industries Seeders
Planet Jr. 7I3fX Seeder Piper Industries

Hassia Model PS Plot Drill

The Hassia Model PS is a small plot drill with four, five, seven, or nine hoe-type openers, A fluted wheel meters the seed from either a single or a number of individual hoppers to isolate the runs. It is particularly designed for the precise nature of research work. The drill can be supplied with a tractor hitch, can be animal-drawn, or propelled by a 2i/2 h.p. gasoline engine. The centrifugal clutch on the motorized model enables the operator to set the

Hassia PS Plot Drill with gasoline engine: Front view Rear view H. J. Trostcr
Www Motor Gredning Seeder

accelerator to any walking pace. The unit is designed with even weight distribution for simple steering and handling.

A.J. Troster Landmaschinenfabrik 6308 Butzbach, Oberhess Postfach 240, West Germany

MppD Monoseed Drill for Tubers

This unit is a hand-fed, double-drill, tuber-sowing machine. Sowing depth and row width as well as the depth of the covering layer are adjustable, by means of convex clutch discs. Fertilizer dispensers are optional extras, and the unit is attached to the tractor by a three-point hitch.

Fratelli Deidone, Macchine Agrieole C.C.I.A.N. 59212, Casella Postale 7 Viltafranca DtVerona, Italy

Zita Sowing Machine With Fertilizer Distributor Even when fully loaded, this machine is tight enough to require only 1.6 h.p. to pull each drill (this model unit has seven drills). The seed tank is separated into two parts for seed and fertilizer, and each section can be regulated separately. The gear-type feeders for seed and fertilizer maintain a steady application rate independent of tractor speed. The Zita sowing machine can be operated by the tractor operator or by a second person sitting behind the unit.

Sons Ath. Zafiridi Industry of Machineries, Inc. Itngada 4.5 km. T.T.7 'Havroupolis, Thessaloniki, Greece

Hindsons Seed-Cum-Fertiliier Drill

Planting four rows at a time, all kinds of seeds can be precisely placed at a comfortable distance away from the fertilizer. The distance between furrows is adjustable with spring-steel tines. Construction of the unit was designed for simplicity, light weight, easy cleanability, and the drill can be pulled by most any tractor with a lift arrangement.

M/s. Hindsons Private, Ltd. The Lower Mall Patiala, India

Tye Soybean Drill

Not only for soybeans but wheat and other small grains as well, this drill is available in many sizes, the smallest is a two-row or 6,7-foot model. It is attached behind a tractor by a three-point hitch, has adjustable spacings, accurate seed metering, and positive depth control.

The Fye Co. BoxlHS

Lockney, TX 79241

Tye Adjustable Drill, SO" model Tvc Co.

IRRI Multihopper Seeder

The IRRI Multihopper Drill Seeder for upland use is designed with a divided hopper for interplanting several crops simultaneously. It can be pulled by either a two- or four-wheeled tractor.

International Rice Research Institute P.O. Box 933 Manila, Philippines

International Seed Drill
The multihopper seeder holds different kinds of seeds for interplantmg crops. International Rice Research Institute

The multihopper seeder being pulled by a two-wheel tractor. International Rice Research institute commercial fiw-typë s£ei?e*



ttc kbp


Homemade Precision Seeder



This basic design for a homemade seeder with hopper, idler, wheel assembly and hitch was developed by the Texas Agricultural Extension ¡service of the Texas A if M University System in College Station, Texas.


Sad Abstract Photos
IPt.CH DETAIL rrvwei


Sometimes called a pasture renovator, the no-ttll planter is a seed drill with a special function. It is supplied with a disc and a shoe which allow it to slice the turf and plant a seed without first plowing and preparing a seedbed. Animals can continue to graze while new plantings of elover or grass get started. One farmer reports, "I get a lot of nitrogen this way and I get it where it counts." According to Dick Margulis, who writes advice for novice fanners in Countryside, "Good natural nitrogen in the plant means good natural protein for the cow. A fanner ought not to buy his nitrogen or his protein. His total farm cycle ought to handle the greatest share of this problem." Also, planting in existing sod is a very good practice to control erosion.

The Tye Pasture Pleaser

The Tye Pasture Pleaser is a compact three-

point-hitch-mounted, no-till planting unit covering 80 inches, with disc units spaced 10 inches apart. It is a conveniently sized tool for seeding legumes, grass, or small grains in sod, permanent, or improved pasture. Drive is by a single, spring-loaded, front-running coulter. Each double-disc unit is preceded by a spring-loaded coulter blade. Each blade, as well as each disc unit and press-wheel, is individually hinged and spring loaded for work on uneven ground. The larger hopper is fitted with internally fluted seeder units for small grains as well as soybeans. The small hopper or grass box is fitted with externally fluted seeder units for dispensing grasses and legumes. Brackets are provided for adding suitcase-type weights to assist penetration of the coulters in bard ground.

The Tye Co. Box 218

Lockney, TX 79241

Tye Pasture Pleaser Tvc Co.

Cole No-Till Planter

The Cole No-Till Planter has a double-disc seed opener which cuts straw and debris in the field, preventing trash buildup in front of and under the seed opener. Included is a heavy-duty swivel coulter—a chisel plow which automa tically resets after being tripped. You get a choice of three seed hoppers:

1. Edgedrop with 1-bushel capacity

2. Uniplex with 1-bushel capacity and single, inclined seed plate

Cole 250 Fertilizer Hopper

Cole No-Till Planta Cole Mfe. C«.

5. Duplex with dual, inclined seed plates and 2-bushel capacity.

Cole No-Till Planta Cole Mfe. C«.

5. Duplex with dual, inclined seed plates and 2-bushel capacity.

Fertilizer attachments which place fertilizer 4 to 6 inches deep in the slit opened by the chisel plow come with the ground-drive wheel and 250-pound capacity fiberglass fertilizer hoppers. Granular chemical applicators which put out herbicides or insecticides or both are also available. The planter also comes in four- and six-row models.

Cole Mfg. Co, 1518 Central Ave Charlotte, NC 2*299

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