Stauh PPX

Staub offers a wide product tine of different-sized tillers and walking tractors. The PPX is one of their most versatile walking tractors. It is powered by a 322-cubic centimeters, four-cycle, 7 h.p. diesel engine. The gearbox houses three forward and two reverse speeds which are controlled by means of a single lever which changes gears and locks the wheels in drive position. Two connections for power take-off are mounted in the rear. Handle assembly is adjustable to alt positions and reversible for use with the cutter bar and certain other tools. Attachments includc rosary cultivator, plow, toothed cultivator, harrow, trailer, cutter bar, rotary mower, advanced hoe, sower, scraper blade, brush clearer, pump, and saw.

Société des Tracteurs et Motoculteurs Staub

25, Bd de Verdun

92402 Courbevoie Cedex, France

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