The 6l0be Mower

An animal-drawn, ground-driven mower with mechanical lift. The Implement Age, 1894

An animal-drawn, ground-driven mower with mechanical lift. The Implement Age, 1894

Wide Truck.

Lift Spring.

Foot Lever.

Long Pitman.

BUILT IN FOUR SIZES: 4 ft. 3 In., 4 ft. 6 In., S ft. ¬Ľnd 6 ft. out.

a. The mower can be a trailing unit behind the tractor and the power to the reciprocating knives is then provided by the tractor engine through the power take-olf (PTO) shaft.

b. The mower can be mounted on the tractor

1. at the rear of the three-point linkage, and is then driven by the PTO shafj;

2. at the middle under the main body of the tractor, and is then driven through the tractor belt pulley;

3. ahead of the front steering wheels, and is then driven through the pulley mounted in front of the tractor engine; or

4. ahead of the powsr unit, and is then driven through a power take-off shaft.

The Agria 4800 Tractor with a rear-mounted, side-operating reciprocating mower. The mower mounts on a three-point hitch with hydraulic lift and is powered by a rear PTO shaft. Agria-Werlte

In some recent models, the power to operate the mower knives is provided by the tractor's hydraulic system through a flexible coupling instead of the rather difficult mechanical arrangement of the power takeoff shaft and universal joints or V-beiis. The location of the hydrau-licallv operated mower in relation to the tractor can be either at the rear, middle, or front, the last two positions allowing the tractor driver to supervise its operation with ease.

The main disadvantages of a reciprocating mower are:

a. the working parts are liable to rapid wear, b. they are not successful in heavy vegetation, and c. the ground surface needs to be fairly level for satisfactory operation.

Reciprocating mowers are generally used for light grasses which are grown for hay. The cut grass is left in the field in a thin, orderly row which helps it dry quickly. Some mowers have gathering attachments which direct the stalks to fall into windrows, which simplifies handling afterwards. Turning the grass with a swath turner helps further the drying process. But when harvesting some grains, there is a threat of losing the seed, so the crop is gathered right away and threshed soon after.

it is difficult and perhaps even unnecessary to draw a clear distinction between single-axle tractors and motor mowers because mowing attachments are available for some tractors, and cultivating and trailing equipment is often available for motor mowers. Many of the mowers Jilted in :his chapter can be used for fodder or I grain crops such as wheat. Rice, however, is of'en prone to shattering and is not suited to thii type of machine.

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