The Ford Dnt Pedestrian Tractor Now The Intec

In 1964, Ford decided to develop a program designed to help solve the world food crisis while enhancing the reputation of the company and its farm products in developing nations. After a series of conferences with university and foundation experts and with representatives of governmental agencies, "Ford elected to design a tractor which would provide simple mechanization for small farmers at a price roughly comparable to a pair of oxen," reports Richard Dewey, Public Relations Manager for Ford Tractor Operations.

After five years of research and engineering Ford was ready to test marketability of their new model DNT—Developing Nations Tractor. Confidence in its powerful, reliable transaxle system, wheels designed for added strength and improved traction, the simplicity of the rope starter and push-pull metal clutch rod, and its basic rugged, durable design encouraged them to continue. As their news release announced, "The two-wheeled tractor is the first ever designed specifically to bring the benefits of modern farming technology to people on small farms in developing countries at a price they can afford to pay."

The INTEC's high ground clearance an important feature in continuing mechanical cultivation late into the

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But "insurmountable logistical and social problems" terminated the effort. Dewey continued, "Getting spare parts tc dealers posed no difficulty but getting the dealer to the broken-d*wn machinery did. It just wouldn't pay any serviceman to spend three or four days trekking through the jungle in search of his customer. With attitudes as stubborn as they are, it's hard to convince village farmers that anything new, even appropriately scaled and designed machinery, will do the job right. They are skeptical of a tractor which runs on hard-to-get fuel and eventually breaks down into a pile c? rusty nuts and bolts. Fuel for animals grows on trees and a worn-out ox can be eaten. There's reai 'horse sense* in using animal-drawn equipment in developing countries."

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