The Hold Model A18 Tractor

The Model A-18 was designed by the Gehruder Holder Company in Germany for use on hilly vineyard terrain, tree plantations, nurseries, berry farms—any situation requiring the combined features of maneuverability, stability, and power in a compact unit to operate in high-density plantings. Its 13 h.p., four-stroke, air-cooled, cliesel engine claims to have the power of a 25 or 30 h.p. gasoline engine while con suming i/8 the amount of fuel or less. Model A-18 comes with a standard three-point hitch and has the unusual feature of articulated, bends-in-the-middle, steering. Attachments available include a 31- or 39-inch rotary cultivator, an implement linkage for steep vertical lift, a universal implement carrier frame for plow and cultivating blades, a sickle bar, trailed spindle gang mowers, rollers, a trailer, seed and fertilizer spreaders, all varieties of rakes, and miscellaneous lawn equipment. Larger units are available.

Gebruder Holder 7418 Metzingen-Wurtt. Postfach 66 West Germany

Tradewinds, Inc. P.O. Box 1191 2339 Tacoma A"c.S Tacoma, WA i/8401

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Lawn Care

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